Kki Sweets.

Kki Sweets.

If you keep your attention to your right while walking down Ann Siang Hill leading up to Club Street (it proves to be a challenge, what with some many interesting cafes, restaurants and shops alongside the narrow roads), you will spot Kki Sweets (which means cakes in Japanese), peacefully tucked away in this aesthetically pleasing location. At some angles, you would feel like you’re abroad, carefreely strolling. That’s why this makes Ann Siang Hill, in the Tanjong Pagar precinct one of the best places to chill out.


Not only does Kki Sweets sell cakes (& mousse), they sell knick-knacks too. Classic items, pretty cute objects and sometimes oddities. So while shopping for cakes, feel free to look around for intricate yet simple souvenirs for yourself. One thing to take note though, is that getting seats can be a chore. Only able to sit around 15 in the shop (and about 8 outside of it), you must be in luck to tuck yourself in the shop comfortably. Furthermore, when patrons come here, they have the intention of taking their time to sip tea and complete their tai-tai high tea routine. Thankfully, my dining partners and I were in luck this very Saturday afternoon.

Cake Display.

Though the staff can appear stern at the first look, she was surprisingly helpful. We were at the counter browsing at the sleekly decorated cakes when the staff offered to go through the cakes and mousse they offer. She went through each and single one, displaying top knowledge on the products. She rejected our order on a Chocolate Cake, saying that if it was our first time there, try the mousse, which is their specialties. Of course, we followed accordingly and ordered 3 mousse.

Little Red Riding Hood (Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Mousse) : $9+

Little Red Riding Hood (Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Mousse) ($9+) :: Best dessert of the day. The mousse you get here at Kki Sweets is not the usual. If you’re a mousse hater, you should try one here, because that will potentially change your take on them. It is the smoothest and softest, most delicate mousse I’ve had, not forgetting flavorful. This sparkling gem had our umpteen approval. The raspberry can turn some off, but its sour touch to the very thick dark chocolate package makes it easy to finish. A must try.

Coconut with Passion Fruit :: $8.50+

Coconut with Passion Fruit ($8.50+) :: Again, don’t be fooled by it standing tall, I nearly melted together with its softness. Like its Dark Chocolate Mousse, its filling (this time, passion fruit) is slotted in the middle section of the cake. As compared to its above counterpart, this pale in comparison.

White Chocolate with Mango Mousse :: $8.50+

White Chocolate with Mango Mousse ($8.50+) :: Similar, this piece of mousse doesn’t hold a finger to the winning dish of the day. But oh well, its texture was enough to make us go cloud nine and happy, for whatever reason.

Despite not having a clean sheet of good food, it’s still a definite go-back for me, thanks to its serenity and ambience it offers. I’ll be sure to head back and try their other selections. They offer Gryphon Tea to go along with the cakes and mousses too.

—> Note #1: 10% service charge will be charged. GST is waived.

—> Note #2: Orders for whole cakes are welcomed too (allow them 5 working days of notice).

Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill, #01-00
Telephone: 6225 6650
Opening Hours: 12pm – 7pm (Tue – Sat); 1pm – 7pm (Sun); Monday closed.


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