La Cuisson (Closed).

Besides Saveur @ City Hall, La Cuisson @ Buona Vista also serves affordable French cuisine, ideal for diners on a tight budget (especially with the inflation on necessities but not on the salary). They have since moved from Queen Street, and is now hidden in a corner at the Block 40 Holland Drive coffee shop. Yes. They are housed in a typical ordinary neigbourhood coffee shop setting. Thus, one can expect to dine amongst the quotidian uncle auntie crowd.

Foie Gras Salad :: $10

Foie Gras Salad ($10) :: For ten bucks a (sizable) piece of foie gras, who can complain? I can easily finish two of this, feeling all satisfied. And don’t be mistaken, it doesn’t taste inferior despite the price attached. Definitely a must-have if you are already here. It is not an everyday affair that you can find a value for money foie gras.

Beef Ragout with Ravioli :: $15

Beef Ragout with Ravioli ($15) :: This Italian dish is a, for this instance, beef-filled pasta. I’m usually not a fan of Raviolis, but the texture of this isn’t too rough for my liking. And I like the fact that the shreds of beef brisket are given in a generous portion, making sure that you have some meat with every bite of the pasta.

Australian Barramundi :: $13

Australian Barramundi ($13) :: Dubbed a ‘Fisherman’ by a friend of mine, I am unmistakably a huge fan of fish dishes. And I must say, this course emerged triumphant that night. Pan-seared to perfection, the Barramundi is also very sufficiently marinated, completed with the complemented cherry compote. The sauteed corn was like a cherry on top of a pie. If you are at a lost which to pick from the menu, I say go for this.

Smoked Pork Chops ($15) :: The Pork Chops was commendable as well. More than tender meat for savoring, one would be impressed with the texture and taste of it. Again, like their other dishes, it is very flavorful.

I say go with a couple of friends, order different items, and share them all. Enjoy the pleasure of them all. Like I did. Despite so, this only gets 3 out of 4 stars, just because I am a sucker for good ambience and environment. Surely I do not like the setting to be in a coffee shop. Nevertheless, there is still a chance of me coming back for the sheer good food.

Address: Block 40 Holland Drive
Telephone: 9662 4077
Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays; 11.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 9.15pm (Tue – Sun)


6 thoughts on “La Cuisson (Closed).

    • I totally feel you. I heard though, that they were expanding (another seating area right beside). Not sure if it has happened and if situation has changed for the better though. Lol.

      • We down to La Cuisson last night, was too late to have their ravioli dish. We quite enjoyed the Barramundi dish, though the sous vide pork neck was on the dry side.

        Oh by the way, saveur has indeed expanded, but the queue is still there :(

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