Chums @ Bukit Timah.

Still hanging on to a little bit of the Christmas season late into the month of December, Chums was relatively quiet at around dusk on a Friday night. I guess the location is majorly to be held accountable for it. Nevertheless, a reservation at the restaurant (or any restaurant) is the safest, the Singapore style – the kiasu style.


Only recently launched in June this year, Chums @ Bukit Timah is quite the homely dining place. Though a small and cozy restaurant, it is presented with amiable waitstaff and generous service. I must admit – without a private transport, visiting this secluded part of Singapore would be a chore and doubtful.

Chocolate Shake :: $7++

Chocolate Shake ($7++) :: Possibly the best Chocolate Shake I’ve ever had, even better than the Cookies & Cream Shake I always have at Billy Bombers. This heavenly indulgence is full of win. Thick enough. Authentic flavor of chocolate enough. Portion huge enough. Nothing’s wrong with this drink at all. I’m glad I had it.

Iced Coffee :: $6++

Iced Coffee ($6++) :: It was unanimous when we felt that the Iced Coffee paled in comparison to the drink before. Notwithstanding that, I still adore it. I like that there’s the distinct coffee bitterness aftertaste to it – not plainly just an overpowering of sweetness.

Ocean Feast :: $36.90++

Ocean Feast ($36.90++) :: Noticing the price only now, I thought it is pretty pretty steep, for the mere pieces of seafood on the plate. Granted that the fries were especially addictive and adequately salted, and that the mussels and a couple of ocean catches were well-marinated, it is not quite worth the price paid. Only perk for this, otherwise, is its ease for sharing.

Beer Chicken :: $40++

Beer Chicken ($40++) :: Again, it costs somewhere around an arm and a leg, for a dish like that. I have to admit though, this is something like a you-have-to-try-it-at-least-once kind. I have no prior Beer Chicken experience, so I have nothing to based it on. The commendable part comes when the waitperson approached to start us off by slicing up the chicken when he saw that we were struggling and lost. Also, the chicken was moist enough for me. A fun experience, though a chore to rip the chicken clean.

Hazelnut Crunch.

Hazelnut Crunch :: This makes it full marks for their service – I have not realized until now (apparently I’m not a trustworthy receipt-checker) that this piece of Hazelnut Crunch Cake was on the house. I think it was their kind act to gift it as a ‘birthday present’ to the birthday girl (on top of that, when told that we would be here to celebrate a birthday, the person on the receiving end immediately offered to reserve a slice of cake + candle for after the dinner). Remarkable. Service is key, especially for a just-started-out eatery. It’s an effective way to get the word out. They do not have a Dessert Menu, but has a couple of choices of cakes at the counter every day. So, make your pick when you are there.

In a nutshell, again, impeccable service. Above average food, though prices are on the high side. Location might be their biggest nemesis for the first few months. Worth trying though.

Oh, love their website design too!

Address: Royal Ville, 833 Bukit Timah Road, #01-06
Telephone: 6467 1939
Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon – Tue); 9am – 10pm (Wed – Sun)


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