Au Chocolat.

If the budget for your meal is not of a concern, Au Chocolat at The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands might just be the place for you and your friends for a good catch up over a meal. Well especially in this festive season – one would be greeted by a playback of burning fire in a fireplace. Even though you don’t feel the heat (we were seated right in front of the ‘fireplace), we had fun imagining it to be warm and cozy anyway.


Setting of Au Chocolat Restaurant.

It is not the poshest or a restaurant with the best ambience, but there’s just this feeling of superiority when you dine in here. Casual yet class. Maybe it comes naturally with that touch of French in the restaurant. Service was prompt and responsive. We were greeted by the host at the entrance and constantly reassured that a seat is about to come – patrons’ level of patience kept checked at all time.

Moccacino :: $10++

Moccacino ($10++) :: After finishing a meal here, you would realize for sure, that coffee is not their forte, especially having been to a whole range of cafes out there in Singapore. I don’t blame them for that. This hot beverage was mediocre, don’t even bother – go for this instead:

Frozen Hot Chocolate Cup :: $12++

Frozen Hot Chocolate Cup ($12++) :: Frozen and hot. Contradicting, right? I know what’s going through your head – it is indeed, an iced beverage. Please, if you don’t want to end up feeling like you’ve just finished a buffet, share it with a friend, or even two. Regardless, this is a must try – the thick and seemingly never-ending supply of chocolate is a blessing by itself. Cut some cost, share this, maybe?

Wild Mushroom Soup :: $11++

Wild Mushroom Soup ($11++) :: Just by looking at the photo, it goes without saying how thick and flavorful this bowl of treasure is. The relatively generous path of truffle oil on the soup tells you that there is going to be a party in your mouth as soon as you put them in. Love the taste (not too grainy and rough), love the smell (infused with truffle oil).

Ultimate Benedict :: $22++

Ultimate Benedict ($22++) :: Don’t be tricked – this dwarf-like portion can fill a giant. Reason? Simple. Behold what it contains – strips of bacon, chunks of chicken and beef, poached eggs and 2 thick layers of pancakes as base. I’m guessing its ultimate means ultimately filling. Save for the hard and crispy bacon, I like how the rest of the course is done. In spite of having multiple items in the course and thus being hard to complement each other, I can still taste each of them quite distinctly.

Duck Confit :: $27++

Duck Confit ($27++) :: This Duck Confit – crispy skin, somewhere in between tough and tender meat, interesting dark chocolate infused grapefruit sauce, with pear compote and mashed potato. All of which makes up a pretty competitive Duck Confit.

Go Nuts with Salted Caramel :: $18++

Go Nuts with Salted Caramel ($18++) :: If there is any flavor that might stand a chance against a face-off match with Chocolate, it is Salted Caramel, my comparably new love. From a crepe of appropriate thickness, to almonds and walnuts, to a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream (that almost doesn’t melt, with our experience), every inch of it is screaming yes! Have this savory crepe as your main course for all I care – because yes it is worth it. And well, nuts have a history of good nutritional value!

Espresso Pick Me Up :: $16++

Espresso Pick Me Up ($16++) :: Another way of calling it Tiramisu, this item on the menu is the biggest disappointment of the evening. Not the least ‘addictive’, it has a weird texture and taste. Definitely not your everyday Tiramisu. Give it a miss and try their huge-ass Chocolate Cake instead.

Some hits, some misses. Notwithstanding that, I would still recommend and bring my friends to Au Chocolat. Simply because their hits much outweigh their misses.

If you are looking for a casual Christmas meal, lunch or dinner, you might want to check their Christmas Menu out, here and here.

Address: 01-03/04/05, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Telephone: 6688 7227
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm (Sun – Thurs); 10am – 12mn (Fri – Sat)


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