Far far away in Serangoon, a cafe’s hidden somewhere above ground level across Chomp Chomp. It is indeed far for me, because Serangoon is directly diagonally away from where I reside. But well, it’s Singapore after all, no where is too far. I was on my way to a friend’s house when we decided to drop by Arbite for brunch. It has been on my list for the longest time, and I’ve heard only raving reviews about it. This time round, I concur with them screaming good reviews.


Seemingly surreptitiously located, you might miss it if you’re not focused. It’s housed somewhere a storey above Guardian, amongst the row of shophouses. Arbite serves a range of coffee and tea, around the price of $4 and $5.50 respectively. Contrary to most brunch cafes, it is actually commendable that they serve tea besides the hot beverage made from beans of a tree.

Hot Mocha ($4+) :: I just noticed that they mis-entered the bill – having keyed Iced Mocha ($5) instead of the Hot Mocha that I had. Well, thankfully it’s only a buck. Back to the Mocha, well, I was a little disappointed with it. I could barely taste the chocolate in the drink. Well unless it’s meant to be served without the European’s influence of the coffee-chocolate infusion, though I highly doubt so.

Arbite Breakfast :: $15.90+

Arbite Breakfast ($15.90+) :: This English Breakfast is by far, the best I’ve had in Singapore. It looks promising on the menu already, and that was why I decided to have this instead of my usual Eggs Benedict (which they do serve too). Save for the nicely done creamy Scrambled Eggs, they actually have some pretty reasonable meaty veal bratwurst and sautéed mushrooms. They also have bacon (but not to any surprise, it’s done hard and dry like in almost everywhere else in Singapore), and sides like grilled tomato, pommes noisettes (fried potato balls) and baked beans. What makes me really happy, full and satisfied is that you can actually change your sides to any other (no top up needed if they are priced the same). Sides include grilled tomato ($2) plain ciabatta, eggs,  baked beans (each at $3), sautéed mushrooms ($3.50), pommes noisettes, mash potato, garlic bread, honey baked ham, veal bratwurst, bacon (each at $4), smoked salmon ($5). So technically, you can build your own breakfast. What a wonderful morning it’d be, I can imagine.

Service is relatively acceptable. Iced Water is served.
The cafe can probably only sit about 30 – 40 people. So you might want to take note of the time you head there.

Arbite also serves lunch and dinner. They have a pretty extensive and elaborate menu I’d say. A must visit even if you stay at the other end of Singapore.

—> Note #1: They only charge 10% service charge. GST is waived.

Address: 66A Serangoon Garden Way
Telephone: 6287 0430
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3pm, 6pm – 10.30pm (Tue – Fri); 11am – 10.30pm (Sat & Sun); Closed on Mondays.


4 thoughts on “Arbite.

    • Hey Food Esteem, nice blog you have there. Keep going (:
      Thank you for the recommendation! Heading to Arbite was already a challenge because it’s so out of the way. But I’ll be sure to check it out as soon as I can (when I’m around the area), haha! Thank you! I love hearing places I’ve never heard before.

      • You’re welcome, and thanks for your kind encouragement :) there’s alot of interesting cafes in singapore, actually. You might want to keep track of mine, for your updates too. :P

      • I know right. Hidden gems are the best.
        I will! I myself am not updating enough, so I’ll need more frequent reads on other blogs. Hah.

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