Red Star Restaurant.

The all-famous traditional Dim Sum Restaurant that has been around for the longest time, Red Star Restaurant isn’t the most accessible of it all, but I guess it suits its surrounding location, at Chin Swee Road, just as of heritage value and traditional. About 15 years ago (damn, time flies) when I was living in that precinct, my extended family and I would frequent the Dim Sum Restaurant. Well, we lived literally just across the street, so it was rather advantageous to us beating the crowd in the morning. I know that up till today, trying to get seats in the Restaurant on a weekend morning is still as challenging as ever.

A quick recount of the food that we used to love from the restaurant, over the years (of course, it was so good we went back even after moving away from that area). It was unanimous when we agreed on how the Century Egg Porridge was a showstopper. Together with its famous Chee Cheong Fan. Those items would not be missed out from the pushcarts on each visit. They work on a system where you have a card – that paper-card will be stamped when you request for an item from the pushcart. And of which, you will proceed to the counter for payment, with the said paper-card.

Chee Cheong Fan.

Duck Meat.

Sugarcane Prawn.


Mango & Prawn Fritter.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling.

Xiao Long Bao.

Durian Pancake.

Mango Pudding.

So after our recent re-visit to the Dim Sum House, we have, as unanimously as we did before, condemned on how its quality of food has plunged tremendously. The Century Egg Porridge, for one, is now tasteless and bland, a drastic change. The gravy that the Chee Cheong Fan is semi-soaked in, is no longer as flavorful as before. Again, it seemed as though they ran out of salt on that very day. To be honest, one can easily get the similar taste, if not better, of the rest of the Dim Sum dishes. To me, it has just transformed into another pretentious Dim Sum Restaurant. Saddening.

Because it is such a noisy environment, and that all the pushcart attendants are very busy and occupied, forget about the thing called service whilst you are dining here. Also, if you are still adamant on trying this place, it is best for you to walk around with the paper-card, looking for the food you want. Especially if you are sitting right at the other side of the kitchen. By the time the cart comes to you, some of the more popular dishes would already have been long out.

I say if you want Dim Sum, go for Swatow Seafood Restaurant or Swee Choon Dim Sum Restaurant instead. Though they might not be around for as long, they are as good, if not better.

Address: 54 Chin Swee Road, #07-23, Chin Swee Area Office
Telephone: 6532 5266
Opening Hours: 7am – 3pm; 6pm – 10.30pm (Daily)


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