Esmirada @ Orchard (Orchard Parade Hotel).

Esmirada @ Orchard.

It was the Restaurant Week, when I finally got the chance to try an Esmirada Restaurant. I love the magnificence of the restaurant – walking in makes one feel its nobility and impressiveness. At dusk, it looked like too, just right for the occasion now, all dressed up for Halloween, with the wax dripping messily and heavily down from the red / green candle as the centerpiece of each table.

On Restaurant Week, it was $35++ for a Set Dinner comprising of an appetizer + main course + dessert.

Clam Chowder Soup.

Clam Chowder Soup :: I consider myself one who is very picky when it comes to soup, well, especially Mushroom Soup. But for this case, the Clam Chowder, was up to my standard, at least, I thought. Though there were not big chunks of clams in the savoring bowl of soup, the flavor was enough to bring you through the finishing line. It might be a tad’ too salty for some, though.

Seared Tuna.

Seared Tuna :: My friend once called me a ‘Fisherman’, because I’m known to go for fishy main courses than meaty ones. Esmirada sure presented a thick and huge piece of catch, but it was an utter disappointment. Forget about the fact that the tuna was tough and dry, it wasn’t a little bit seasoned. It was purely eating a plain piece of tough ocean catch. I had expected more from an Esmirada Group on this.

Seafood Fettuccine.

Seafood Fettuccine :: Of the two mains, I would take this any day. Though not spectacular either, it was at least somewhat acceptable. The seafood was relatively fresh, and I’m glad it wasn’t tomato-based.

Ice Creams + Lime Sorbet.

Ice Creams + Lime Sorbet :: I especially love its Chocolate Ice Cream, very much comparable to my favorite Chocolate Ice Cream of all-time from Marché. They have these minute chocolate chips slotted in between those cream.Very rich chocolate flavors, I can take 5 scoops of them any time.

In a nutshell, I was pretty disappointed this Restaurant Week, even though it was a 2 hits out of 3 – just too bad that the single miss was its main course – that one that matters the most. I only hope that they aren’t the way they were during Restaurant Week.

Address: 21 Cuscaden Road, Orchard Parade Hotel (Food Centre)
Telephone: 6735 3476
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm (Sun – Thurs); 12pm – 11.30pm (Fri – Sat)


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