(Read on for a chance to win a box of Box.up Chocolates for yourself!)

A recent local business has emerged. And I always appreciate and admire the effort businessmen put into setting up their ‘babies’. And it’s no different the sentiments I have for David, the Founder of

Beautiful packaging from

Let me break down the concept and idea of it all for you – my take.

(1) You walk past gourmet chocolate stores like Godiva and Royce. You salivate. You resist the temptation, because of its sky-high price. You stared at the truffles and rochers, they stared back. That was all. The relationship ended there, although you kept it in your heart for the next few hours. It was a bitter ending. The answer is present. lets you enjoy the gourmet chocolates you see stored behind the glass panels at an affordable price ($10+) – 9 pieces per box (prices and pieces per box on the process of reviewing).

(2) It’s the festive seasons. You have a few of your tighter circle of friends. You know just what to get for them. But you also have those, nicely put, acquaintances. You’re not that attached to them, but it’s a courtesy to at least show your appreciation for your existence. You have no idea what to get them. The answer is present. Get their address, somehow. From the HR department (secretly), from stealing your I/C. And surprise them with a box of premier chocolates. It’s affordable yet substantial – the surprise, the chocolates.

(3) You starve in the middle of your work (like I always do). Always. Lunch time is two hours away. Or, the end of work is still some time away. The answer is present. Request for your ‘atas‘ chocolates to be sent to your work place. Rest assure, your colleagues will be green in envy.

Gourmet Chocolates from

Most of the gourmet chocolates come from brands from Italy and France, including Valrhona and Domori, and a couple from Belgium and USA. It’s already such a sight to look at the box, nicely presented. Flavors range from raspberry truffles to cream cheese chocolate. For the price you’re paying, I think it’s more than reasonable. Especially so if you’re someone who adores chocolates.

Whether you are having this a monthly subscription affair, or a one-night stand, so to speak, I think you need to decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth the trouble getting it. Oh wait, there is no trouble at all. There we go.

You ought to know, though, that the people at are currently working on the feedback gathered from the ‘soft launch‘ – working their butt off to improve their delivery system, the chocolates, and the packaging. Everything’s improving thereafter. So expect more.

Now I’ve tied up with the Founder of the business to get you readers some sweet treats. Follow the easy steps and see yourself walking away with a box of gourmet chocolates (3 boxes up for grabs):

1. Go to The Chosen Glutton Facebook Page.
2. Click ‘Share‘ on the post of Yes, you don’t even have to like the Facebook page (just because I’m not a sucker for one, hah!).
3. Keep your eyes peeled to the Facebook Page / The Chosen Glutton site itself for winners in 2 weeks’ time.

Order / Get more information here.
Photos by Kathleen.


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