Freshly Baked By Le Bijoux.

Already been baking for 5 years, Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux offers a very coffee-shop dining experience with artisan breads and pastries – all freshly off the oven just behind where you sit. So if you are in luck, you might just be well-treated visually (the near symmetrical trays of piping hot breads), your sense of smell (well, you don’t say!) and sense of taste (read on to find out more).

Croissant :: $1.60 | Chocolate Croissant :: $2.50

Croissant ($1.60) / Chocolate Croissant ($2.50) :: I personally love the taste of the croissant. You can actually taste and smell the butter of the croissant, which I know to be especially subjective. It’s not the crispy and thus messy croissants one usually have. It’s soft and buttery, easy to eat.

Brunch Set A (Eggs with Sausage / Bacon / Ham + Toasts) :: $10.90

Brunch Set A (Eggs with Sausage / Bacon / Ham + Toasts) ($10.90) :: Although the menu states Scrambled Egg, they are open to switching it up according to your preference, it looks like. We chose the bacon as the sides, and I’m not quite a fan on this – yes, the hard, dry and crispy ones. What I thought is the winner here though, is the artisan bread. Baked to the perfect softness, the thick pieces of bread are what exactly makes a morning feels right and complete. You might just feel that everything in life is finally in place.

Brunch Set C (Scrambled Eggs + Emmental Cheese + Salami) :: $12.90

Brunch Set C (Scrambled Eggs + Emmental Cheese + Salami) ($12.90) :: The three ingredients are like the powerpuff girls, they go well together. The scrambled eggs are slightly on the watery side, making it more apparent on its taste; The emmental cheese is, though bitter, fits into the whole package; The salami is unexpectedly of acceptable saltiness, thus making three relatively ordinary tasting items blend well. I enjoyed the course more thoroughly than I expected.

This Bakery Cafe that is located along the Killiney Road shophouses is just about the right place for an affordable, quick or laid back breakfast – your choice. Hot beverages are around the range of  $3.50 – $4, while pastries are available at around $2.50. What’s awesome is, yes, GST / Service Charge is non-existent in this neighborhood cafe. Enjoy your breakfast there – you might just be tempted to be a loyal consumer of their artisan bread.

Address: 57 Killiney Road, #01-01
Telephone: 6735 3298
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (Mon – Fri); 8am – 6pm (Sat); 8am – 2.30pm (Sun)
Photos by Kathleen.


2 thoughts on “Freshly Baked By Le Bijoux.

  1. Oh, I haven’t tried that. I love crumbly tart bases. Haha.
    Yes you should! They might look rather mediocre in the pictures, but I quite adore the items. I was there early in the morning at 9am or something (early for non-workers, late for working class people) and we were more or less the only ones there. With people coming in and out to do take aways.

  2. i was there during an off peak time (so i thought), but it’s crowded with ppl coming over here for coffee and I took away their supposedly famous salted caramel tart…pretty good crumbly tart base I must say, a comforting sweet treat regardless of the not so superior ingredients make up…probably should try breakfast here next time :)

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