Buttercake N Cream.

Buttercake N Cream.

Whenever people ask me where’s a good place to dine in the West, I’d say, Sunset Way. I’ve yet to explore it in entirety (that’d be my long-term goal), but the couple of times I was there, I definitely left impressed. This time round, I was at Buttercake N Cream, mainly for its famous desserts.

Buttercake’s Rum Sundae | Chocolate Overload Sundae :: $7.50+

Buttercake’s Rum Sundae / Chocolate Overload Sundae ($7.50+) :: Renowned for their Sundae, I dove straight into the page of the menu that shows the list of Sundaes they offer. They’re all priced at $7.50+, and well worth it I say. The former comes with two scoops of Rum & Raisins ice cream topped with pound cakes. I thought they complemented each other pretty well, and I must admit, the R&R ice cream has the really distinct rum taste to it – not for kids for sure. The latter comes with two scoops of Chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate chips and cookies. It was a brainless decision to have this on our bill. They feature the ultimate awesome chocolate flavor – just the right tinge of bitterness to the sweetness. At the end of our meal, we asked ourselves which of the four desserts we ordered would we order again, it was unanimously this.

Warm Chocolate Pudding :: $11+

Warm Chocolate Pudding ($11+) :: It looks too good to give it a pass, don’t you reckon? In all, the French Vanilla ice cream that came with it was ordinary, and the pudding was a little too soft for my liking. If it was a little tougher, I would be able to taste its texture, I guess that would make it easier to finish. Halfway through, it was tough on the throat and too much to finish it alone. It isn’t bad, I say it’s good to share it amongst three.

Peanut Butter Mallows Planet :: $7.50+

Peanut Butter Mallows Planet ($7.50+) :: I always put it this way – the happier I am at this particular place, the more I’d order. The three of us ordered a fourth dessert, one that has double scoops of Peanut Butter ice cream, topped with mallows and almond crumble. Of the few Peanut Butter ice cream I’ve had, I quite prefer this rendition – not too heavy and sweet. Although I thought the mallows didn’t go well this time round. It was hard and flavorless.

Not the easiest restaurant to locate, I would definitely recommend Buttercake N Cream for desserts if you’re around the neighborhood. Like most other restaurants at Sunset Way, they offer both indoors and alfresco dining. And usually, it’s beautiful.

—> Note #1: GST is absorbed. Only the 10% service charge is taxed.

Address (In Context): 106 Clementi Street 12, #01-52, Sunset Way
Telephone: 6777 3477
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm – 11pm


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