Nick’s Lighthouse (San Francisco, CA, USA).

For any first-timers at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, you’d be a little lost at first, but get used to it quickly. The piers stretch from Ferry Building Marketplace to the East of the city, all the way up North, along the bay. So take a walk along the San Francisco Bay, take in the breeze, before stopping at one of the countless seafood restaurants, like we did, at Nick’s Lighthouse.

Nick’s Lighthouse.

The restaurants were very competitive amongst each other, touting even, sometimes. I say you stand from afar and see whichever floats your boat. We couldn’t resist the smell of the lobsters and crabs, so we went in.

Service is like the common good, but seats were very cramp, and the interior was relatively dark / dull / dim, more of a sleazy feeling for me than good ambience.

Complimentary Clam Chowder Soup / Lobster Bisque / Salad.

Each course ordered comes with a complimentary Clam Chowder Soup, Lobster Bisque or Salad, up to your liking. I say go for the former – a bowl filled excessively with potatoes and small clams. The Lobster Bisque, to my disappointment, doesn’t have even shreds of lobster meat.

Rainbow Trout :: USD$15.75+

Rainbow Trout (USD$15.75+) :: Bathed in white wine sauce, this Rainbow Trout isn’t necessarily rainbow in flavor. I thought the meat is rather bland, and a tad’ too over-grilled on the underside of the fish. Topping it with rock shrimps is a plus though, and with the rice, this is yet another classic example of a over-sized meal here in USA.

Gamberi Saltati :: USD$22.25+

Gamberti Saltati (USD$22.25+) :: Accompanied by rice yet again, the prawns sauteed with lemon, butter, wine, garlic and cilantro (coriander / herbs) sauce, this might not be as worthy as I thought it’d be. The prawns are fresh but not the freshest I’ve had, and it was a little too overcooked for my liking. A little lesser time on the heat would have had it more ‘bouncy’.

Whole Crab (Spicy Garlic) :: $33+ (Market Value)

Whole Crab (Spicy Garlic) ($33+ / Market Value) :: The price fluctuates according to season, so you have to ask him verbally if you’re craving for a crab like us. I must say, this stole the show for the night. All 8 legs, 2 pincers and the body, the crab is considered meaty, and the style of cooking is awesome and my cup of tea, garlic, yum. It’s going to to be a messy business though, but they provide a bowl for the shells and claw-cracking tool for you to savor the awesomeness. Oh, I’m drooling as I speak.

So food wise, I’d confidently say that there are better seafood around Fisherman’s Wharf. But for me, it’s a rule of thumb to have seafood when I’m at Fisherman’s Wharf overseas, be it at San Francisco or Sydney. It’s all about being in the atmosphere.

Address: 2815 Taylor Street, San Francisco
Telephone: (415) 929-1300
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (Sun – Thurs); 11am – 11pm (Fri & Sat)
Photos by Kathleen.


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