Mama’s (San Francisco, CA, USA).

Search for a famous breakfast place in San Francisco and you get Mama’s on Washington Square. It started off as a family restaurant some half a century ago, and it’s no wonder they’ve come so far, succeeding on food blogs and travel advisor alike. They serve lunch, but early morning breakfast here is way more popular. We arrived at 8am, and damn the queue was already forming faster than any other tourist attractions around. When we were there, there was already about 8 groups even earlier and more hardworking for breakfast than us. It’s that famous, on a Tuesday morning even.

Service is counter-based. Upon entering the cafe, we were made to queue again for the food order. You order, take a seat, and wait for the food to be served – that exact sequence. But that’s fine, it’s neater that way. Once there, you’d realized they have an extensive list of breakfast menu, ranging from numerous styles of Omelettes, to Eggs Benedicts, to Eggs, Pancakes, and French Toasts. I was for one, lost for choices.

Interior of Mama’s.

It’s not the most comfortable seats you can get around, but it gives you a kind of homely feeling to it, the colors, the furnishing, the table skirting.

Soy Latte :: $3.75+ / Mocha :: $3.25+

Soy Latte ($3.75+) / Mocha ($3.25+) :: Beverages cost around $3, and that’s quite a considerably big amount cheaper than what we usually get in Singapore cafes. And what’s even more awesome than that? They taste the same, if not better than them. It looks simple, but they taste wholesome – just the right amount of bitterness and sweetness for the latter. It’s completely worth it for a hot beverage here.

Chocolate Crumbs.

Chocolate Crumbs :: Displayed, not on menu, Chocolate Crumbs is a combination of a crumble + cake. Ideal for a sweet tooth even on a lazy morning. Who gets sick of Chocolate anyway – any time, any day. Plus, it’s good.

Smoked Salmon Scrambled :: $12.25+

Smoked Salmon Scrambled ($12.25+) :: Smoked Salmon and one would thought of the raw, salty smoked salmon you get that goes with Eggs Benedicts / Rosti. But this surprises me, and pleasantly too! Comes with a bagel with cream and their special grilled potatoes, this course is mainly made up of scrambled eggs (not the usual, fluffy and soft ones, but more cooked, towards fried) tossed together with onion and smoked salmon – smoked salmon that’s slightly cooked – not commonly seen in Singapore. It’s refreshing a course, and I have to say, thumbs up as everything seems just all right.

The Californian :: $10.50+

The Californian ($10.50+) :: If you’re a fan of Omelette, Mama’s would be a paradise for you. The Californian includes avocado, crispy bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese. The cheese was generously smeared onto the inside of the omelette, and I fell in love with it on the first mouth. If there’s one dissatisfying thing, it’d be the English Muffin. I guess sticking to the Bagel would be a better choice (you have a choice of toast – White, Rye, Wholegrain, Bagel, English Muffin).

You need to know too, that the portions are humungous. It might just be the carbohydrates, but be prepared for a super filling breakfast at this outstanding outlet. The queue doesn’t stop, not even up till 10.30am when we finished our breakfast (yes the queue was as long as when we got there at 8am). But for a good breakfast, waking up early is all worth it. The only downside to it would be the ambience I guess. Other than that, service was excellent, food, and watching them prepare the dishes in a systematic way, too cool. If so many people have tried and testify it, there’s no reason to not believe its worthiness of your time. It’s an All-Day Breakfast outlet, with lunch starting at 11am.

Address: 1701 Stockton Street
Telephone: (415) 362-6421
Opening Hours: 8am – 3pm (Tues – Sun)
Photos by Kathleen.


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