Fine Palate.

Fine Palate.

A rather secluded restaurant located along the Arts Belt next to Singapore Art Museum at Waterloo Street, Fine Palate is truly a hidden gem. We made a reservation for 15, and was glad that they are open to big groups, even with a relatively small and cozy terrain. I’m glad that it still remains hidden, not too commercialized yet, making this even more of an attraction to myself. We were accompanied by diners on and off throughout the meal on a weekend brunch, not exactly ideal for a exceptionally quiet meal but enough for me, if I were to be looking for that trait in a restaurant.

Complimentary Bread Basket.

We were waited by a very professional, approachable and outspoken staff, and were patient with the large number of us. For that I’m thankful. He carries himself very confidently, which made us feel that we have nothing to worry about being served good. After a while, I was pleasantly surprised by the complimentary bread basket (I wasn’t expecting to be served in this establishment). It not being bland and actually being one of the better-tasting bread baskets was the cherry on top of the pie.

Steak & Eggs :: $20++

Steak & Eggs ($20++) :: Steak (Sirloin, in this context), one of my favorite meats. Scrambled Eggs, my favorite style of egg. Both in a dish. Both done really well. What do you get – a terrific Steak & Eggs for your brunch. A good brunch starts off your day good. This has to be the signature dish, and if I were there 24/7, I’d force every diner to have this on their table. Yes it’s that outstanding. And to get it at only $20, it’s a real steal. Order this, and have your friends get something else. They’ll all turn green real quick – in envy.

Breakfast Cook Up :: $20++

Breakfast Cook Up ($20++) :: Not as good as the aforementioned winning dish, but still pretty good! Eggs done as desired, apple and sage sausage, bacon, vine tomatoes and potato. The bacon was somewhere in the middle of crispy hard and juicy tender, and I’m the kind of leans more towards the latter, but it’s all good.

Brunch is only available on weekends from 10am, and I’m dead sure I’ll be back there soon, introducing this restaurant to everyone I know. I love it that they emphasize majorly on the presentation too, which is evident from their photos on screen. Oh you’d be surprised how nonchalant some restaurants tend to be when it comes to that. But I believe that with good presentation, the food can’t go too wrong.

It can be tough to locate the restaurant, but just keep a look out for ’51’ along the street.

Address: 51 Waterloo Street, #01-04/05
Telephone: 6336 5120


2 thoughts on “Fine Palate.

  1. Good Review, at here a few weeks back amazing!
    Simply delicious, what you said was true about the presentation should be considered a fine art!!

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