Carousel Buffet @ Royal Plaza On Scotts.

Hotel buffets never come cheap, even not so on a weekend dinner. If you’re a green buffet-eater, weekday lunch > weekday dinner > weekend lunch > weekend dinner in terms of costs. And I choose to believe that they serve more variety and a couple of selected specialties in dinner buffets as compared to lunches’.

It’s my second time at Carousel @ Royal Plaza On Scotts, a hotel restaurant located in the busy streets of Orchard. For me to go back to a place for a meal, not mentioning that this buffet costs a bomb, it means something.

Seafood Section.

And that is just a quarter of what seafood they offer. In any International Buffet, as a personal rule of thumb, I’d check out the Seafood Section first. From Tiger Prawns to Slipper Lobsters to a whole Atlantic Salmon, one would be at a lost where to start. One would be attracted to the selection like a shark would to fresh blood, because that is how fresh they are. I always say, if you’re not a Seafood lover, do not go for International Buffets, because it’d be like throwing your cash down the river. This is strictly for Seafood lovers. Go on and indulge. Two of my top hits at the buffet:



Next section that I love to patronize is none other than the Rotisserie Section. A handful of items like the Orange Honey Glazed Duck and Chicken Shawarma are only available on weekends, while others are usually on rotation. Beef Sirloin or Leg of Lamb, Traditional Roast Chicken or Black Pepper Chicken, either of that are fine by me.

Beef Sirloin.

Request as much meat as you’d like, sliced in proportion to you on the spot. I was majorly disappointed this time by the Beef Sirloin though. I remembered savoring every shred of Beef Meat the previous time I was here. This time round the meat was just, sub-standard, possibly one of the contenders to being the worst Beef I’ve had. I hope it’s just their off day, though. Yorkshire Pudding was also served as a side, together with Jacob Potatoes. An accompanying side to ease the heavy meal works sometimes.

Cheese Selection.

How can one miss out the Cheese Selections. For the ultimate pampering, crackers + cheese in between the meal can be one of the good ways to take a breather. Brie Cheese, Garlic and Herb Cheese, and Fresh Parmesan Wheel are some of the fresh pressed curd of milk. Garlic and Herb tasted funky. My favorite has to be the Brie Cheese still. It might be overpowering for some, but I love it!

Assorted Sushi @ Japanese Section.

California Maki, Salmon Sashimi, and Tako Sashimi are up for grabs at the Japanese Section. They have quite an acceptable range of Nigiri, Sashimi and Sushi. Soba can found at one of the corners too.

Chocolate Fondue.

Chocolate Fondue Galore! Be treated to a sweet sweet ending at Carousel as you contemplate which Chocolate Fondue to dip in. White, Milk and Dark. I say try all of them. Standard dippers – don’t get caught for dropping your dippers into the Fondue, they’ll chase you out. Just kidding!

Orange Chocolate Pearls Cake.

Dessert Section.

Creme Brulee & Chocolate Cake.

There is always room for desserts, it’s worldwide unanimously agreed. I must say though, I am not entirely impressed with the Desserts Section. Cakes are less than appealing, but there sure still are some must-tries. The Orange Chocolate Pearls Cake was sliced onto plates as quickly as it was served. Creme Brulee wasn’t too bad either.

Of course, the buffet serves the mainstream Chinese Section, Indian Section, and Western Section too. Of course, being in an International Buffet and not too much a fan of Asian food, I didn’t take a second look at most of those. If you’re up for some spaghetti, they have it at the Live Station too. Any style you like.

Being here purely for fresh seafood and good food. Service was minimal, no special moments. Drinks Corner was removed since the previous time I was there. So you have to place your orders (though inclusive) from the waitpersons.

—> Note #1: Food stated in this post is dedicated for Weekend Dinner. So you might not find some of them on a Weekday Lunch.

—> Note #2: I believe they have an ongoing promotion with UOB / DBS / POSB cards. 15% on weekdays and 10% on weekends.

—> Note #3: You might find this Price List useful.

—> Note #4: It’s advisable to make a reservation before going down, especially if you’re in a large group. On a weekend evening, they are generally full.

—> Note #5: They are halal-certified.

Address: 25 Scotts Road, Royal Plaza On Scotts
Telephone: 6737 7966
Photos by Yee Meng.


5 thoughts on “Carousel Buffet @ Royal Plaza On Scotts.

    • Hi Sharon. Drinks -are- inclusive. They used to have dispensers with different drinks. But the second time I was there, it was already removed. But you can still order drinks from waitpersons, just more troublesome now. Haha.

  1. It is! Well, at least that’s the best buffet I’ve had so far. I love their extensive seafood selection. That’s what I look out for in buffets, lol.
    Haha! So I guess the memory at this particular restaurant isn’t the best! Well you should go on a happier note and feel the difference, hahah.

  2. Wow, thanks for this recent write up on Carousel, the weekday/weekend breakfast/tea time buffet seemed very tempting..wanna go back there.

    I was there on a weekend dinner ages ago for a family get together including my other half’s and back then bf’s mum was blaming me for suggesting the venue when bf’s dad insisted to treat my large family…anyway..not sure why i just said that, that was the memory, hehe…

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