Toby’s Estate.

Toby’s Estate.

Another of the breakfast / brunch places you go to at Robertson Quay. Situated right at the end along of the picturesque stretch next to Kith Cafe, dining there early on a weekend morning feels like you’re being transported to Australia. The morning sun, the light breeze, and a good mix of Asians and Caucasians relaxing the day away – the atmosphere would seep right into you positively unknowingly. Free seating it is (they don’t take reservations on weekends and public holidays), you have a free will of either dining indoors (where it houses a long communal table) or alfresco. But I say, alfresco is the way to go anywhere at Robertson Quay.

Hot Chocolate :: $5+

Iced Chocolate :: $6+

Hot Chocolate ($5+) / Iced Chocolate ($6+) :: Beverages are available in Iced versions for an additional of $1. Having tried both, I guess they just don’t specialize in cold beverages. The latter tasted ordinary, while better for the former. And you just fall in love with the coffee arts.

Eggs Benedict :: $14+

Eggs Royale :: $14+

Eggs Benedict / Royale ($14+) :: I can see you’re salivating with the flamboyant colors of the dishes. I must say, I love the dish as a whole. The English Muffin isn’t too soggy nor tough. The parma ham on the Eggs Benedict is definitely too heavy in salt for our liking, while the salmon was just about the right. So I’d go for the latter for sure. The poached eggs were inconsistent though. Half of it were nicely done, while the other’s yolk were like those of a hard-boiled egg. At some point you can almost taste the vinegar too.

Toby’s Breakfast :: $16+

Toby’s Breakfast ($16+) :: Usually I’d prefer Eggs Benedicts to English Breakfasts, but it was the unusual for Toby’s Estate. Again, love the muffin, love the sauteed mushroom and soft juicy bacons (gosh haven’t had such good ones for long). Maybe because Toby’s Estate originates from Australia, but there’s finally a cafe that doesn’t serve crispy hard bacons! The only disappointing portion was again the Poached Eggs. I guess we should have gone for the Scrambled Eggs instead – lesser room for error. I’m quite certain to say that this is a must-try dish.

The service is pretty good. If not for the inconsistent poached eggs that we got, I’d say that Toby’s Estate would be one of the best cafes to check out.

—> Note #1: They don’t charge the 10% service charge. Only GST.

Address: 8 Rodyk Street, #01-03/04
Telephone: 6636 7629
Photos by Kathleen.


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