Chili’s Singapore.

Don’t let the name of the restaurant scare you – it doesn’t really serve spicy hot food items all throughout. Well there should be a fair bit of that, but for non-spicy eaters like one of my dining partners, there are quite some options available too. Be prepared to wait in line for a while in peak periods, like we did. They have the vibrating alarm machine (like you’d see in Medzs / some food courts) that alerts you when your table is ready. Although it only works within a 10 metres range, it probably works in a shopping mall like JCube, because within that range is very well the Olympic-sized Ice-Skating Rink that bored shoppers stare at. We were greeted by young and very extroverted waitpersons and hostess alike, which made the dining experience a lot livelier than usual. Good start.


Iced water is served, and in a very big and ‘sturdy’ beer glass-like. And food items from the menu are very Americanized and Mexican-ish. Seafood items, pasta, tortillas, quesadillas, meat, are some of the titles of the relatively extended menu.

Wings Over Buffalo.

Wings Over Buffalo :: Taste it nude and you’ll feel that it’s funky, somewhat sour, with a tinge of spiciness, but not too much. Top it with the cool blue cheese dressing, and it just turns things around. It then tasted more mainstream and acceptable. Not too much to both my dining partners and my likings, but the dressing was pretty compatible.

Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers.

Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers :: The sound of it makes one salivate. For me, it was especially the ‘honey-chipotle’ part. Anytime a honey for me isn’t a problem, and this time, coupled with smoked hot chili pepper dressing, it’s as though it doesn’t get any better than this. Very generous portion I must say, but a little unexciting, the course as a whole. It does come with two sides (which is interchangeable in the menu), but the chicken itself isn’t one that’ll hold you for long. The mashed potato is a good side though.

Bacon Chicken Ranch Quesadilla.

Bacon Chicken Ranch Quesadilla :: Mexican food always entices me. And that is one main reason why Mexico is one of the countries in my to-travel list. I’ve had quite a handful of Mexican food encounters in Singapore, and I must say this isn’t one of the best. The Quesadilla is very dry, and disappointingly lack of cheese, when well, ‘queso‘ comes from the word cheese.

I also had the chance to get my fork on the Grilled Shrimp Alfredo. It’d usually come out amazing for me, with the creamy base, shrimps, and pasta, but the rendition here was unfortunately dry, although the shrimps were nicely prepared.

I love the service, and the let-your-hair-down kind of mood of the restaurant, but if you’re looking for good quality Mexican / American food, restaurants like Margarita’s / Billy Bombers would do a better job. But I wouldn’t put it down all together, if there’s a chance, I’d pop by once more for redemption.

—> Note #1: They have Vegetarian options.

—> Note #2: For health-conscious diners, they have certain dishes that are healthier choices, indicated on the menu as ‘Guiltless’ / Lighter option.

Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1,#03-10, J-Cube
Telephone: 6684 3882


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