Laurent Bernard Chocolatier.

Who would get enough of chocolates? Uhm, aliens, maybe. It’s my second trip to the Chocolatier and it will not be the last, I know. Smartly placed amongst a whole line of glitzy restaurants along the Singapore River at Robertson Quay, one would conveniently drop by the dessert boutique after the main. Indoors or alfresco – it’s your choice. But be warned, anytime in the evening period would be very full, especially on a weekend. One of the contributing factors is also the low seating space. So grab a seat early or risk waiting in line.


After 8 (Mint & Chocolate Chips) Souffle :: $14++

Guanaja Chocolate Souffle :: $18++

Rum & Raisins Souffle :: $14++

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier is famous for their Chocolate Souffle. Even though the basic waiting time for the renowned dish to be served is half an hour, diners are still willing to wait for the treasure. Souffles here range from $14 to $18, before taxes. It still sells well, albeit rather expensive. If you are still unconvinced, try it at least once, then you can cast your judgement from there. Which is better you ask? I guess it really depends on your liking of flavor. For me it’s easy. Guanaja Chocolate > Rum & Raisin > Mint & Chocolate Chips.

They have an array of chocolate cakes up for drooling on too. One can approach the display counter and place your order there, charging it to the table. Banana Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Tarts, amongst the rest. We had Pure ($9.80++) and Equator ($7.80++). Pure looks, well, pure, a very cubic, firm-looking pastry. First impression for me was this is going to be a hard-to-finish, rich block of chocolate cake. But boy was I proven completely otherwise. It turns out to be soft, creamy and smashy – kind of like a thicker chocolate whipped cream. Equator on the other hand, tasted what it looked like. It is rich in flavor, yet not overpowering and sinful. It is no wonder the 2 diners before me ordered just that too.

Forget everything else, this place is a match to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar when it comes to needing a chocolate fix. I heard their hot chocolate is to die for too. I’m surely not giving it a miss the next time I’m here in indulgence again.

Address: 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-11, The Pier @ Robertson
Telephone: 6235 9007

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