Boomarang Bistro & Bar Singapore.

Since 2 years back, when I had breakfast sessions at Kith Cafe and eM by the River, I have already been craving to step foot into this Australian Restaurant at Robertson Quay, just by the river of outstanding restaurants. Opened for 4 years now, the restaurant offers alfresco dining, complete with a mini wine cellar in the compound itself. Those who are dying for a laid back red meat + red wine dinner, this can just be it.

Potato Wedges :: $10++

Potato Wedges ($10++) :: Complemented with capers sour cream and sweet chili sauce, this reasonably sized plate of wedges is not too bad a deal for a starter to share with your friends while waiting for the mains to be served. Safe choice – hot off the oven and crispy on the outside.

Fish & Chips :: $22++

Fish & Chips ($22++) :: How wrong can a beer-battered barramundi go. I must say though, it doesn’t taste like just some fish & chips. It has a blander taste to the fish itself, although still withholding its fish & chips taste. I guess if there’s a dish that has many differing opinions on, Fish & Chips would be a nominee. I’m saying if you’re here, don’t go for Fish & Chips – you’re here in an Australian Restaurant, go for something exotic, like, the Kangaroo meat.

Peppered Kangaroo Loin :: $30++

Peppered Kangaroo Loin ($30++) :: It’s disappointing in two ways. One, the presentation, which I had expected more of from the restaurant in general. Two, the meat was too tough. It was prepared in medium rare because the waitperson suggested it’d be too tough if it’s anything more cooked than that. I worry now though, because to have it tender, it’d mean that I have to have it in rare. So I must say, my virgin attempt at Kangaroo meat wasn’t a very pleasant one. But the sides are commendable. My dining partner and I both love the mashed sweet potato – something new that we haven’t tried. Also, the beet relish makes it harder to complete the course.

Devil's Ribs :: $25++

Devil’s Ribs ($25++) :: Even though it’s said to be baby pork ribs, it’s humungous in size. The scary thing about eating ribs is both the trouble of slicing the meat off the lined ribs, and having the meat too tough, making the trouble doubled. Fortunately, the meat wasn’t too tough and the Chef’s devil sauce was complementing. The main course also comes with potato wedges and coleslaw.

The service was alright. Food was alright. Price-wise, a little steep though. It’s rated at 2 stars (✰✰) not because it is really bad, but more because that the courses ordered were only average, and there is nothing on the menu that entices for a return. (Click for explanation of ratings.)

—> Note #1: Reservation can be made via phone / website. It’d be recommended to make one especially if you’re going in a big group.

Address: The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay
Telephone: 6738 1077


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