Maekhong Thai Cuisine.

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Because of its isolation from the hustle and bustle of the city, you probably wouldn’t hear of this restaurant if you have never heard, or seen of it yourself. It’s a corner restaurant along Tanjong Katong Road, and it’s no easy feat to find it if it’s the first time you’re there. But let me summarize it for you – I haven’t been to many Thai Restaurants in Singapore, only a handful, but Maekhong Thai Cuisine is one of the better ones I’ve had. So it’s worth the hassle hunting for this hidden gem.


The dining place offers two options for diners – an alfresco steamboat dinner, and an indoor, air-conditioned Thai home-style dishes cooked to order, better known as ‘zi-char’, the Thai style. Both of the times I was there, I had the latter option. And trust me when I say this, they have a vast, vast menu. Chicken, pork, prawn, crayfish, tom yum soup, vegetables, desserts, appetizers, soft-shell crabs – all in all, you can choose from, at least 50 items from the menu.

Mango Salad.

Mango Salad :: Again, I haven’t had a lot of dining experiences in Thai Restaurants, but I love the Mango Salad here, due to the sheer fact that its chili padi is working wonders here, coupled with the sour touch to it from the ingredients combined. I remembered that I started to love this appetizer from Singapore Polytechnic.

Tom Yum Soup with Coconut Milk :: $10

Clear Tom Yum Soup :: $10

(Clear) Tom Yum Soup (with Coconut Milk) ($10) :: Tom Yum Soups can be chosen to come with Pork, Seafood or Prawn. I’ve tried both, and our table of 8 had taken a poll – the Clear Tom Yum Soup emerged a winner. Very possibly because of its innocent-looking appearance, but caught you unprepared, choking you a little – that’s a kick from the Tom Yum Soup for you. Thai Express’ Tom Yum Soup has been the best I’ve tasted, and honestly, I think this is comparable.

Claypot Vermicelli with Chicken Wing / Prawn :: $12 / $16

Claypot Vermicelli with Chicken Wing / Prawn ($12 / $16) :: Again, you can choose to have it accompanied by Chicken or Prawn. We had this replaced the staple, rice. A pot is approximately sufficient for 3 – 4 persons. It came out to be actually quite a small bowl. But I’d choose the rice over this any time – I thought it was skewed to the sweet side, which is, weird for me. And the companions were disappointing, both the chicken and the prawns (tried both).

Kai Lan with Roasted Pork :: $10

Kai Lan with Roasted Pork ($10) :: It’s actually quite an interesting mix-up, I haven’t seen the two come together just yet. It’s a rather ordinary dish one can get anywhere else, in terms of the Kai Lan. There is a chance that it was because it wasn’t piping hot while I had it (which usually makes vegetables taste better). I’d think that this can be a filler dish – if you’re running out of items to order (which shouldn’t be the case from the crazy big menu), you can have this safe choice.

Prawn Cake :: $12

Prawn Cake ($12) :: Stuffed with minced prawn, this dish had mixed opinions. Some thought it was good, but I couldn’t get the wow factor of it, somehow. There was no taste significant for me to grab onto while finishing the course. With that, I also feel that this particular dish is over-priced. The rest of the dishes though, are very reasonably priced.

Honey Chicken :: $8

Honey Chicken ($8) :: Oh this is one of the must-tries, in my opinion. It might look a little dry and unappealing, but don’t judge a book by its cover! It actually isn’t at all dry, plus, the meat is well-done. Do be warned though, finish this before it cools off, or you’d facepalm yourself I swear. And look at the price, man, worth it.

Chicken Floss Soft Shell Crab :: $17

Chicken Floss Soft Shell Crab ($17) :: Of course, we save the best main course for the last! The oh-so-coveted Chicken Floss Soft Shell Crab, furnished with a (Y) sign on the menu, is like a big fat cherry on top of this Thai pie. The mayonnaise, the chicken floss, and the not-too-dry soft shell crab will probably be the best threesome you’ve had. They’re like the Siamese twins, except they’re triplets. Okay, enough of the over-exaggeration, but don’t leave this place without trying this. Having been to this restaurant with 8 different people, I’ve never heard any negatives on this yet.

Thai Iced Tea :: $2.50

Thai Iced Tea ($2.50) :: Good presentation of the beverage, and it comes with good taste too. If you’re thirsty, this might do. It’d probably Milk Tea lovers, like myself.

Coconut Agar :: $2.80

Coconut Agar ($2.80) :: Normal agar agar, but infused with bits and pieces of authentic coconut, it’s interesting for the first time, but I’d say one can stop there.

Mango Sticky Rice :: $6

Mango Sticky Rice ($6) :: Of the couple of Mango Sticky Rices I’ve tasted in Singapore, this has to be the best yet. It’s still of a different league from Thailand (I guess a big portion of it lies on the fact that sweet mangoes are not as easy to harvest here in tropical Singapore), but the nearest rendition of the Thai’s. Mango given are considered generous and rather sweet. This has to be the dessert to order if you’re intending to order one.

In conclusion, I thought this is a pretty decent venue to have a Thai meal. The prices are more than reasonable, and the mostly local service crews are very professional, product-knowledgeable too. The only hinder would be the location, but try it at least once.

—> Note #1: Prices stated are nett prices. No service charges / GST will be incurred.

Address: 266 Tanjong Katong Road
Telephone: 6440 7714
Photos by me.


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