Talent Cafe.

Talent Cafe @ 34 & 36 Tras Street.

This relatively new cafe down at Tanjong Pagar (the new in place for innovative cafes) has been on my Temptations List for a while now. And I grabbed the opportunity to hit the cafe with a few friends when I was informed that a talented friend of mine is performing at Talent Cafe. That’s the beauty of this cafe – they don’t necessarily have a resident performer in this 2-storey cafe, but the passion of the chef cum owner makes it such that any performers of standard are able to perform on the nights for half an hour. The interior of the cafe is nicely decorated, very impressive, and we headed upstairs for a seat (cushioned, unlike the first storey’s), right in front of the performance area.

Second storey of Talent Cafe.

It reminds me of Blujaz Cafe – some similar concept in terms of the layout of the cafe. Very prompt service we received right from the start, and did I mention that it was very professional too? It was like they knew everything inside out, confident and good at speaking extemporaneously.


Not a very extensive menu – a handful of items from the pasta and main courses section each. Despite so, it was enough to get some salivation going on.

Tapas 3 :: $15.90++

Tapas 3 ($15.90++) :: Consisting of button mushroom with artichoke and pepper sauteed in garlic and oil, spiced tomato salsa, and eggplant braised in olive oil, anchovies and coriander, this starter is served with a neat row of baguette. Nothing over the top here, but it truly served its purpose as an appetizer with the ingredients used. Sharing amongst 4 persons was just right the portion, just a little teaser, nothing filling.

Beef Tenderloin :: $29.90++

Beef Tenderloin ($29.90++) :: This requested medium-rare course was surely a treat. It was tender and soft, and easy to the mouth. It comes with asparagus and portobello mushrooms. Some might not like it that soft, but if you’re not that picky on the chewiness, it’s passable. It doesn’t have too much of the beefy odor too. Although I like it, it was fine without it substantiating it either.

Hake :: $26.90++

Hake ($26.90++) :: It comes with garden salad and mashed potato, though nothing suggests that they were extraordinary. The fish itself was too, disappointing. There wasn’t enough flavor to complement the bland fish. Considering the price, I had expected a little more.

Spicy Prawns Olio :: $18.90++

Spicy Prawns Olio ($18.90++) :: The prawns were generously given, and I’m glad they were fresh and springy – cooked to perfection. The pasta itself thought, was a little bland – some more sprinkles of salt would do the job though, so no big issue there. If you’d like a challenge, this is it – you can choose up to Level 3 of spiciness for the dish. We had it at Level 2 and boy was it a challenge already. One spoonful of it might be okay, but as you go on, your tears might start to drop as well.

Even though the food might not be spot-on spot-on, it was pretty acceptable. Matched with the chillax environment, a re-visit is plausible. I might not be strongly recommending people around to go, but if I’m around the area and looking for a place to eat / drink, this would definitely be one of the choices.

Address: 34 & 36 Tras Street, Tanjong Pagar.
Telephone: 6536 7077


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