Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ Hotel Rendezvous.

Fullhouse Cafe @ Hotel Rendezvous.

Dressed in white and a touch of black, Fullhouse Cafe is described as ‘dreamy’ by a friend of mine who introduced this restaurant to me. After stepping into the restaurant, I know she isn’t far from correct. First impression counts – we were greeted by bubbly hosts, in the nicely decorated surrounding. The interesting thing about Fullhouse Cafe is that it’s a Lifestyle Store + Bistro + Restaurant. The bar is located on Level 1 of Hotel Rendezvous Gallery (they have beer @ only $5!), and the restaurant on Level 2. Housed together with its restaurant are items they have for sale – clothing items, miniatures, decors etc. Even though I didn’t take time out (too busy catching up with my dining partners) to look around the items, it sure is something relatively different.


They have food served and environment pimped like it’s a restaurant, but service and menu presented like it’s a cafe, making it a semi-casual experience all in all. After looking through the menu, I was literally salivating hard, with the many appealing and enticing choices they have – food and drinks alike. It’s a cute menu too – they have comic strips towards the end, in addition to some pictures. And also, I then realized that this Cafe is one that’s ‘East Meets West’. Very westernized courses, complemented with Asian sauces / gravy – possibly making it a little too exotic for our taste buds.

Mushroom Soup :: $7.90++

Mushroom Soup ($7.90++) :: Shiitake Mushroom with Roasted Almond Mushroom Soup, this, unfortunately, is the grainy type that isn’t my cup of tea. And I was slightly taken aback by the size of the serving. It was almost like it’s served in a tea cup. It isn’t the worst I’ve tasted, probably just below average. Skip this, and maybe you can give the Clam Chowder Soup a go.

Mango Milkshake :: $7.90++

Lemon Grape Blended :: $6.90++

Iced Jujube Tea :: $7.80++

I was drawn to ordering one of the Milkshakes because they have pearls in it (oh my kryptonite). I skimmed through the few Milkshakes and Mango Milkshake the safest choice for me. I was quite disappointed with it though – it tasted artificial. And they were plenty of ice in it, making it very bland very soon. Iced Jujube Tea (we tried both Iced and Hot), also known as Date Tea, was the winning drink of the night. The warm Jujube Tea was very fresh a choice, and shouldn’t be missed. Of the three drinks, Jujube Tea > Lemon Grape Blended > Mango Milkshake.

Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab :: $8.90++

Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab ($8.90++) :: It isn’t the best, but it’s edible. I love the Wasabi-Mayonnaise Sauce that comes with it. My friends weren’t really for it, but I thought it’s pretty alright for a starter.

Seared Seabass :: $26.90++

Seared Seabass ($26.90++) :: I was just thinking that the Seabass with Miso Cream base is up to my expectation. But on a second thought, it’s a little on the steep end in terms of its price. Of all the courses, this would be it if I had to choose one all over again. The Miso Cream base was surprisingly, not as bad as I thought.

Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel :: $22.90++

Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel ($22.90++) :: Stuffed with mushroom, sauteed daikon and chinese herbs jus, it was overall, an intriguing course. Again, I love the presentation of the courses, but it was very forgettable to say the least. I’m lost for words as to how to describe it. I guess there really isn’t something awfully wrong though.

Smooties-Fruities Fish :: $22.90++

Smooties-Fruities Fish ($22.90++) :: I’ve always been afraid of Tangy Orange fish and the likes, and this reminds of that. Passion Fruit, Berries and Dried Tomato. Just as I thought, the fish turned out too sweet for my liking. The fish was a tad’ too hard too. My friends were flailing with the strong fishy odor. But I, as a weirdo, enjoyed these.

In a nutshell, there is no doubt that the service is very warm and welcoming – not too formal, which is good. Food does look and sound very appealing for most parts, but the taste doesn’t match up to the expectations. What a waste. It’s not necessarily a good place for a date due to its light and bright colors, but I guess for some catch-up sessions of a girls’ night’s out would be appropriate. Reservations aren’t really needed I guess. It’s quite a big restaurant, and it wasn’t full while I was there on a Public Holiday night. If asked to patronize again, I probably wouldn’t reject, although I wouldn’t be going around recommending my friends to go.

Address: 9 Bras Basah Road, #02-04, Rendezvous Hotel Gallery
Telephone: 6336 6328

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