Sushi Express.

Sushi Express @ Citylink Mall.

I went to Sushi Express on one of the weekend nights, and as you can see, the queue is, quite some queue. It was approximately twice as long the queue when we first reached. Go in a small group (at most 4) – you’d get to jump the queue, in a sense, because of the seating arrangement they have as a restaurant. During dinner time, they have this 1-hour only dinner session for all patrons (yes, it’s that even though it’s not a buffet style). I don’t know how strict they are with it, but just so you know.

Price of Sushi Express.

Sachets of Green Tea.

It’s $1.50++ for any plate of sushi / dessert on the conveyor belt, including free flow of green tea, wasabi, and ginger (on the conveyor belt too). With that price, the few of us practically took the dinner meal as a buffet style dinner – we snatched the plates from the belt like there’s no tomorrow.

As from now, I’m going to post pictures of the sushi. And then somewhere in between, there will be a segregation – to forewarn you guys on the ‘to avoid’ dishes.

Mock Abalone.



Salmon Mayonnaise Sushi.

Lobster Salad Sushi.

Blueberry Cheesecake.

Seared Salmon Belly Sushi.


Shrimp Sushi.

Assorted Sushi.

Mango Pudding.

Of the countless plates that were on our table, the only plate that was unsatisfying is this – the Topshell. It was hard, tough, and had a weird taste, largely due to its gravy. It might look good but please avoid this at all cost.


I think it depends on your luck for Sushi Express. I’ve heard some complaining about its un-freshness. But it was perfectly fine on the day I was there. With the quality matched with its price, there’d bound to be another visit for me. And yes – expect minimal service too.

Address: 1 Raffles Link, #B1-23, Citylink Mall
Telephone: 6238 9811
Photos by Kathleen.


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