Group Therapy Cafe.

With the sudden boom of cafes, especially serving brunch, it gets hard to pick which should go first. Originally heading to the organic, healthy and artsy at the same time Broun, we re-directed ourselves to Group Therapy Cafe because it was closed. Turn out, it is a blessing in disguise (and we promised ourselves to give Broun another visit another day).

The cafe is well-hidden on the second level of the shophouses along Duxton Road, behind closed doors. From the outside, you’d thought that you’re the only patron to the cafe, like I did. But boy was I wrong. Open the door, and you see a crowd already, early during brunch hours (the queue started towards the end of our meal). As the name of the cafe might suggests, it’s an ideal location, ‘away from the daily grind‘, to sit down, catch up and chill with your friends.


On one side of the cafe sits a couple of cushion seats, the ultimate therapy location within the cafe. On the other side where I was seated was the usual concrete seats. Despite requesting for the cushion seats upon arrival, we were reluctantly turned down, which was understandable, because we only had 5 persons. They were polite in turning us down, and I have no issues with that.


It was a ‘Sunday Brunch’ menu, probably differs from the lunch / dinner menu. There weren’t many choices, to be honest, but what works is that there are quite a number of appealing courses to choose from. More to come below, because we, more or less, ordered all that sounded good.

Hot Chocolate with Lindt Dark Chocolate Buttons :: $7+

Caffe Mocha with Dark Chocolate Buttons :: $6.50+

Roasted Almond Latte (Hot) :: $6.50+

Hot Chocolate with Lindt Dark Chocolate Buttons ($7+) :: Upon prompting by my friend, it really did taste similar to Ovaltine. With that said, it doesn’t mean it’s ruled out. It’s just an ordinarily sweet Hot Chocolate.
Caffe Mocha with Dark Chocolate Buttons ($6.50+) :: I love the good balance of coffee and chocolate in this drink. Only pity was, it got cool very quickly, making me only enjoy half of the hot beverage.
Roasted Almond Latte (Hot) ($6.50+) :: Of the 3 hot beverages, this has to be the winning one of the morning. Very fragrant and distinct smell and taste. A type of coffee that is very flavorful – very suitable for those who’re not usually a coffee drinker – this can be the one for you!

Chicken & Egg Pie with Salad, Chips & Tumeric Parcels :: $11+

Chicken & Egg Pie with Salad, Chips & Tumeric Parcels ($11+) :: My friend couldn’t get enough of the chips he went on to help himself with another course of another friend’s served with the chips. The pie itself could be better, but I guess it’s a new change to the usual Eggs Benedict and English Breakfasts.

Croque Madame :: $17+

Croque Madame ($17+) :: Pronounced as croak-ma-dam, also known as Croque-Monsieur with egg, this hot ham and cheese grilled sandwich is completely my cuppa tea (although poached eggs would be preferred). I haven’t really tried a lot of these, but this one that I tried was flavorsome. Coupled with the chips, it should be an easy course for most to complete.

Wild Mushroom Truffle Ravioli :: $20+

Wild Mushroom Truffle Ravioli ($20+) :: One piece of exotic art, it’s interesting in many different degrees. Firstly, Ravioli. Italiano, yum. Secondly, Mushroom Truffle, highly prized, yum. Squid Ink, sheer exoticism. The description might lead you to think that it’s a must-have – only do if you’re a fan of the above three items. Again, it’s something fresh to some of us, and it’s always rejuvenating to try something new!

Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon :: $15+

Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon ($15+) :: Just look at the hollandaise sauce, I know you’re drooling as we speak here. I like it that the lemon in the sauce is not overpowering like some awful ones. The smoked salmon, although minimal in quantity, had a little kick to the course. The toast and poached eggs were perfect. In a nutshell – the next best Eggs Benedict to Wild Honey‘s.

Waffle with Butter & Maple Syrup :: $9+

Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream, Fresh Fruits and Nuts :: $12+

Waffle with Butter & Maple Syrup ($9+) | Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream, Fresh Fruits and Nuts ($12+) :: The Belgian Waffle, although wasn’t as aromatic, tasted pretty alright. Good thing it doesn’t get too gelat even with much of it. Not a bad course to share with your mates if you’re still feeling a little hungry.

Expenditure and satisfaction are directly proportionate, I always like to say that. And it’s obvious we were all rubbing our tummies with satisfaction after the brunch. I must point out – I love the service, very warm and friendly. I love the environment, away from the hustle and bustle, and acceptable furnishing. I love the food, needless to say. Definitely to recommend and definitely a re-visit very soon.

—> Note #1: If you’re observant enough, they absorb the GST. It’s the shown cost + 10% service charge.

—> Note #2: Iced water is self-helped at the counter.

Telephone: 6222 2554
Address: 49 Duxton Road
Photos by the self-proclaimed-to-be-professional, Yee Meng.


2 thoughts on “Group Therapy Cafe.

    • It isn’t really. The portion is comparable. And the price is on the cheaper side if you compare this to some other cafes around. I thought the Poached Eggs is super worthy. Haha.

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