Arteastiq – Tea Lounge & Art Jam.

Months ago, I was already positively introduced to Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery. Then months from then, I went down and witnessed the scene, it didn’t feel like Singapore, seeing young kids and adults alike, drawing and painting on canvases at Arteastiq – the section beside the restaurant for art. All I could feel was jealousy, all the rich ol’ people. lol.

We were ushered into the restaurant, and as seen from pictures before I physically visited the restaurant, it was cozy – the furnishing is stunning it makes you feel like a king. There are two sections to it – one with sofa seats, and the other hard furniture – your liking.

Interior of Arteastiq.

Service was pretty warm and welcoming too, which is a definite cherry topped.

Trinity Platter.

Trinity Platter :: From a couple of options to choose from, we decided on Smoked Turkey Ham, Crabmeat Salad with Volvant, and Spicy Jumbo Topshell with Chilled Mango Salad. Ohhhh, I’m telling ya’, you’d salivate even before the course was served. Everything was perfect, especially love the topshell – although the serving was minimal, it was enjoyable while it lasted. The Smoked Turkey Ham though, was ordinary, like those you can purchase off the supermarket. We gave a skip to the Atlantic Smoked Salmon as we were afraid it was too salty for our liking.

Hot Chocolate.

Hot Chocolate :: Disappointingly, it wasn’t the best. I think there was too much sweetness to it, but the biscuit that comes with it was highly complementary. A quick dip into the beverage and the taste is spot on.

Ginger Tea with Durian Ice Cream.

Ginger Spice Tea with Mao Shan Wang Gelato :: What a weird, but interesting combination isn’t it! I was hugely intrigued by the pairing, but was let down when sipped. It was rather diluted in my opinion, although the durian still made us smile, ultimately. There are a lot more dessert tea to choose from, no worries.

Pearl of Mekong River.

Pearl of Mekong River :: Genuine crab meat in a wrap. I have no idea how much wrong it can go with an un-shelled crab meat. Well, just a little – I thought the course definitely need to go with some condiments. Maybe vinegar will do the trick. It was a tad’ too plain. Likewise for the following course.

Viva Duck.

Viva Duck :: Neither the wrap nor the duck tasted good the way it is. The small cup of vinegar helped salvaged the brunch. Be ware though, eating the course might be disastrous – not a very neat affair. So if you’re on a date, choose something else!

Pick the right timing and the ambience would be a treat, pick it wrong and hit the busy hours, it’ll be different. Nevertheless, it’s certainly worth a try. You’ll be spoilt for choices with the array of tea, dessert tea, hot, and cold beverages. They serve brunch and main courses at different timings of the week and day. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to try the other courses.

—> Note #1: It opens from 11am – 1030pm daily.

—> Note #2: More often than not, they have promotions / set meals during tea time.

Address: 333 Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery, #04-14/15
Telephone: 6235 8370


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