Chucked at some corner of Singapore, somewhere near Redhill at Tanglin, more specifically Phoenix Park, erected a restaurant some years ago. Specializing in mostly (all-day) breakfast dishes (brunch) on weekends, circling around Eggs Benedict and Burgers, Spruce promises a memorable dining experience at this location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ambience is one worth admiring, more so for the evening, when the artificial lights come out while the natural light goes to sleep.

Spruce @ Phoenix Park.

If you are taking a public transport there, it’s a 15 minutes walk from Redhill MRT. I always do the walking instead of bus services, I am a bus-idiot. Be warned though, especially on weekends meal time, that there will be a long queue waiting for you if you haven’t made any reservations. We waited for a good 45 minutes for a group of 6. Worse thing is it’s so secluded there isn’t anywhere for you to walk around or do some window shopping while waiting.

Greek Yoghurt :: $7++

Greek Yoghurt ($7++) :: Having yoghurt as a side dish to my breakfast / lunch always makes me feel blessed and pampered. The chilled granola crunch and fruit preserves spices up your morning, making you feel that the day really has just started. Additionally, Yogurts are always not too expensive as an item by itself. So it’s a plus.

Banana Hotcakes :: $14++

Banana Hotcakes ($14++) :: Yes it’s either Eggs Benedict or Yoghurt + Hotcakes for me, usually. Disappointingly though, the Hotcakes doesn’t match up to the standard of the Yoghurt. I thought the Banana flavor overpowered the course. Also, the hotcakes are really just plain, hotcakes, no fragrance like it usually would bring out, even though hotcakes might not be as smell-satisfying as pancakes. The honeycomb butter and blueberry syrup didn’t help much either.

Spruce Signature Burger :: $17++

Spruce Signature Burger ($17++) :: Served with hand-cut chips, it is a very heavy breakfast / brunch. Carbohydrates-overload with the burger and chips, coupled with the beef patty. I thought the chips was pretty good. Not being too much of a burger lover, this burger here didn’t help salvage the situation. It’s not that it’s bad, but I just thought it’s ordinary. By the looks of it, I really think this is not a place for burgers.

Chocolate Cake.

Carrot Cake.

The slices of cakes cost at or around $10 per slice.  The price is definitely steep if you look at it just like that. But it sure is hell of a tower. Each slice threatens to stand taller than you, what after a filled stomach for the morning. It is best to share it with your mate. The Chocolate Cake is again, pretty ordinary. The Carrot Cake, on the other hand, wasn’t quite to my liking. I guess it’s just me. I haven’t had a good history with Carrot Cakes myself. So.

Somehow, even though there aren’t over-staffed, they were not very attentive when it comes to service. They are polite and friendly, don’t get me wrong, but I guess that towards the end of our meal when it was running slower, humans being humans, just switched to off automatically. Otherwise it was fine.

—> Note #1: To check out on their opening hours, the periods that they sell main courses of lunch and dinner and brunch, click here.

Address: 320 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park
Telephone: 6836 5528
Photos by Qianyi.


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