Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant.

How many Japanese Buffet Restaurants are there, really. I have lost track of them, and I bet so have you. As you go along and catch them all like Ash Ketchum does to Pokemons, all of them just seem to look the same / taste similar. Read on to find out how Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant is.

Miso Mushroom Soup.

The magnificent-looking Miso Mushroom Soup. Like my friend who went for this, we were tempted just by the look of it (hell yeah the mushrooms), although we both know it’s not worth it, the soup, how much space it takes in our limited pits. I’m alright with Miso-based soup, I thought it was okay. But definitely one dish that can be skipped if you don’t have the capacity to store it. Maybe have one and share it amongst four.

Assorted Sushi.

You can see that generally, the sushi they have here at Momiji is very rarely-seen elsewhere. That is one of the selling points I’d say. Even though sushi is filling, it’s after all a Japanese Buffet. What’s one without good sushi. One that imprints strongly in our senses is a sushi topped with strawberry. Interesting isn’t it? Their sushi is worth taking a look. We couldn’t help ourselves but fill out plates with many different sushi (even though, again, it’s a suicide mission to a Japanese Buffet).

Assorted Skewers of Items.

There are quite some worthwhile skewers items to fill the plate with. I must say that they look very appealing displayed out on the counters. That’s the first step to having a good spread of buffet for diners. Taste wise, it was just alright. Nothing to rave about. They also have Enoki Maki (Bacon + Golden Mushroom) and Bacon + Asparagus. I thought it was a good item to have on a Japanese Buffet spread, one that I rarely see too.

Grilled Steak.

Grilled steak, dory fillet, chicken steak, beansprout + snow pea shoots (dou miao) are some of the items on the BBQ / Live Cook list. Of them all, I thought the Grilled Steak was awesome, although some of my friends call it a ‘chewing gum‘ because of its tendons. I didn’t get those parts even though I love it, I love to chew on steaks rather than softly and uneventfully swallowing them down. Yes I’m a weirdo like that. A few rounds of grilled steaks ordered. Guilty as charged.

Smoked Duck Breast.

I was walking around the counters and picked this up, proudly telling my friend this is going to be epic. It looks too good – appealing and appetizing. But god like to play fun with you, as always, the higher your expectation, the bigger your disappointment. It was bland and tasteless, and I had enough after having one piece of the two in the small cold dish.

What I love about this buffet is its feature on some of the uncommon dishes. Even though all in all, I thought the concept and the likes are still very similar to other Japanese buffet. A plus point is its Chocolate Fondue. I didn’t realize its presence until later in the buffet. A wide array of fruits, desserts and chocolate fondue items all at your disposal. Asked if I’d go back again, I’d most probably not. It was not a bad experience, although the ambience was almost near non-existent, just that it has nothing that entices me to go back again.

—> Note #1: For the opening hours and prices, click here. Although I think the prices are a little outdated. If I’m not mistaken, they jacked up the prices by $2 each. You have to check with them on this.

Address: 180 Kitchener Road, #05-04/06, City Square Mall
Telephone: 6509 1193
Photos by Yee Meng.


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