Vineyard @ Hortpark.

The first ever time I came across this picturesque restaurant at the tranquil Hortpark was years ago. I must come here, one day, I thought to myself. Years from then, a good friend of mine brought this restaurant up, while we were talking about food, and she insisted that I must try it. Of course I agreed whole-heartedly. Then months from then, we ended up, there at Vineyard @ Hortpark. I’m not going to deny that Hortpark is inaccessible, but the excitement, eagerness and satisfaction you get from realizing at the end of the day, that the trip there is all worth it, is worth it all. Turn left at the main entrance, right to the Visitors’ Centre or sort, you can find this hidden gem.

Vineyard @ Hortpark.

The name of the restaurant already sounds posh, and it was when we put the face of the restaurant to the name upon reaching the destination. For a better ambience inside, and outside of the restaurant, go during dinner time! For me, I was so torn between having a seat indoors or outdoors. The indoors was decorated so cozily, air-conditioned. The outdoors on the other hand, was quieter in comparison, and a much more romantic business. Figuring that my friends and I weren’t here exactly for romantic businesses, lol, we headed into the shelter.

Menu @ Vineyard.

I was looking through the menu of the restaurant. Very interestingly, they have a good mix of dominantly Thai, Italian and French cuisines. Of course, it’s called Vineyard for a reason – they house about a hundred different world wine labels. I’d think that it’s a haven for wine-lovers. I also like the fact that they have an interesting array of desserts. Some of which doesn’t look too appetizing like the Warm Lemon Lava Cake, Chantilly Cream, Sesame Tuile. Very disappointingly, they didn’t have it on the day we went there. But I’d be sure to try it the next time I’m there (oh hell yes sure I’ll be there again).

Grilled Prawns in Piquant Dressing with Pomelo Salad :: $14++

Grilled Prawns in Piquant Dressing with Pomelo Salad ($14++) :: Abundance of pomelo, but not so much on the grilled prawns. If I didn’t remember wrongly, you can count the number of prawns with a hand. But the awesomeness makes up for the lack of numbers. These prawns are those that cooked to perfection – just right the tenderness, nowhere near hard, tough. These are the ones worth indulging in every inch of it. If you love pomelo too, it’s an extra, extra bonus I’m telling you.

Pizza All Meat, Angus Beef Ragout, Aged Salami, Corona Ham :: $22++

Pizza All Meat, Angus Beef Ragout, Aged Salami, Corona Ham ($22++) :: Beef content, as you can see. It looks promising, but doesn’t taste as much. I was a tad’ disappointed with it, to be honest. I love cold cuts, hams, salami, but I thought the pizza toppings didn’t bring out the flavors that the individuals could have brought out more distinctly single-handedly.

Oven Roasted Wild Snapper with Seasonal Vegetables, Lemon Caper Noisette :: $28++

Oven Roasted Wild Snapper with Seasonal Vegetables, Lemon Caper Noisette ($28++) :: You must be kidding me if you tell me that you’re not drooling after seeing the dish. I love love love the presentation of all the dishes, especially this exotic looking Snapper, coupled with it being oven roasted, one of my favorite types of cooking. It’s well-marinated, no sauce required for it to taste good, although the lemon was a good company. The only thing that bothers me is the container of the course – it makes it hard to cut up the fish and pick it up with ease. Nevertheless, oh who cares, I love it in a nutshell.

Sticky Date Pudding with Butter Scotch, Vanilla Ice Cream :: $12++

Sticky Date Pudding with Butter Scotch, Vanilla Ice Cream ($12++) :: We were recommended this, and told that the Sticky Date Pudding here isn’t as sweet as some other places serve it. With me already eyeing the dessert even before we ask for recommendation, I pointed it to the waitperson and nodded my head, give me one. True enough, it isn’t as sweet. The Ice Cream complements the Date Pudding well enough it was enjoyable.

Traditional Tiramisu :: $12++

Traditional Tiramisu ($12++) :: I love this Tiramisu. It is not only sufficient in quantity, but also in its flavor. It’s rich and thick, which some may not like it as much. But for me, yes yes yes. Again, the presentation just makes it all more treaty.

I have to compliment their service. It was top-notch. We reached the restaurant at 6pm, but didn’t order until 8pm (we had some agenda, but that’s besides the point). The restaurant was full, but I didn’t feel that we were rushed at all. In fact, I was feeling guilty on our part. I appreciate it a lot. They know their courses well too, and very genuine when serving us, providing us with recommendations. Can you imagine, the whole experience, was just complete with good food, service and definitely ambience. I am too impressed. With that said, it’d be smart to make a reservation if you don’t intend to head there early.

—> Note #1: On weekdays, lunch is from 12pm – 3pm, and then starting their dinner again at 6pm till 11pm for Mon – Thur and 1am for Friday.

—> Note #2: They have a kids corner specially for families on weekends.

Address: 33 Hyderabad Rd, #02-02, Hortpark
Telephone: 6479 7977
Photos by Charisse and me.


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