Ardent’s Cafe Bar.

Plainly by looking at the pictures of the restaurant and its food itself, it’s so full of win. Right still, when you see the furnishing and set-up of the restaurant, especially its outdoor setting. Even though the indoor seating is dim and cozy, and air-conditioned, the outdoors’ just earn more ‘I am more chillax points’.

Ardent's Cafe Bar Outdoor Seating.

The whole ambience mismatches its surrounding (along Neil Road), although positively. The impression still lasts, up till here.. The service was reasonable as well, to a certain extent. Their waitpersons are very polite.

Rosti with Sour Cream + Smoked Salmon :: $12.30

Rosti with Sour Cream + Smoked Salmon ($12.30) :: Plain Rosti itself is $5.80, and if your math is good, you should have worked out that the smoked salmon (4 slices) add-on is $6.50, more expensive than the rosti itself. We all agreed unanimously that the rosti is, the best amongst all for the night. Although it can’t be matched with Marche’s, it’s still acceptable. Maybe what, compared to the rest of the courses.

Stuffed Blue Cheese Burger :: $16.80

Stuffed Blue Cheese Burger ($16.80) :: I thought the beef patty was alright. How do I put it – it’s the start of a bland, average-tasting and sometimes disappointing courses here at Ardent’s Cafe Bar. There really isn’t much to say about it because it’s very featureless. Only good point I can think of is, I don’t think I’ve seen this course in many other restaurants / cafes.

Eggs Blackstone :: $13.80

Eggs Blackstone ($13.80) :: Poached eggs with grilled bacon. You know those eggs benedicts that you have, that is not only unadorned, but tastes like ones that you can cook at home. What with the English muffin being dry, bland, plain and hard. The worst part of Eggs Benedict is when the complementing sides, no matter bacon, ham or salmon, doesn’t complement the poached eggs, when you’re like having two separate courses when it’s actually one. It happened just that way for this course. It’s way far from the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had so far at Wild Honey.

French Omelette :: $13.80

French Omelette ($13.80) :: Asparagus, tomato and mushroom is what it contains. And this ordinary looking omelette tastes, just as ordinary. After the first bite, I immediately blurted out, ‘which coffee shop’s is this from?’ Yes it is that bad. Heavily peppered (I’m not complaining as I’m a pepper person), but bland that you thought they might have ran out of salt. It was so bad that the small portion of it wasn’t even finished by the six of us there.

The Three Minis :: $15.80

The Three Minis ($15.80) :: One of the dishes that looks promising on the menu description. Black Forest Ham with Bagel + Honey Baked Ham with Mini Burger + Black Pepper Ham with French Loaf. Those are the stated three mini burgers / sandwiches for the course. Being a cold cut fan, I was ecstatic to have it ordered, and eager to try. But it was nowhere near the hype. It feels like it was made from yesterday’s ingredients, hard and cold. Looks can be deceiving, so can its words on the menu.

Mascarpone Nutella Pancakes :: $12.80

Mascarpone Nutella Pancakes ($12.80) :: In the spirit of redemption, we’ve decided to give the dessert (we consider) a shot at it after condemning 80% of its main courses. I must say it looks, once again, promising and hopeful with its presentation. But when they say it’s nutella, it really is. I thought the combination was just out of place and like the restaurant with its surrounding, mismatched. Once bitten, twice shy.

Besides the issue of food, its policy is something of a big problem, at least to me too. See we bought the Groupon vouchers, two of them – $45 for $90 worth and $15 for $30 worth, as we thought six of us would probably spend more than $90. But over the phone during reservation (which isn’t needed at all, it was empty, and now I know the reason why), and when face-to-face at the restaurant itself, we were turned down the request of expanding both vouchers together. The voucher states ‘1 voucher per table’, coupled with ‘5 to 6 persons’ for the $90 voucher and ‘1 to 2 persons’ for the $15 voucher. So I was asking how about them doing us a favor by splitting the bill, since we have 6 persons, it can be split into 5 + 1. And there they went to explain about their policy, how they don’t do it, etc. If it wasn’t for my kind-hearted friends, I’d have slammed them so hard in the face. I can never understand when restaurants do this with their vouchers. When told to ‘come back another time’ with the $30 voucher, I had half the heart to tell them that I wouldn’t come back even if invited for free. They really need to improve on their, everything, if they are to survive, it’s no wonder they need Groupon to help them out here. One of the worst eating experiences I’ve had in my life, no exaggeration.

Address: 80 Neil Road
Telephone: 6325 7077
Photos by me.


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