Cold Stone Creamery.

When they say that they have energetic and amazing crew, they mean it. I haven’t, as popular as Cold Stone Creamery is in Singapore, been to this Ice Cream Parlor. I didn’t have any idea what sets it apart from the rest of the cafes / places that sells Ice Cream. Not until I went ahead with it when my friend opted for it.

Just by looking at the queue and how all the seats in the parlor are occupied, I know for sure, something has to be going on in there. We found a seat not too long later, probably thanks to beginners’ luck (for me). This is probably the only place where when you’re waiting for your ice cream to be made, your heart beats a little faster, although positively. I haven’t had any experience like this – the crew was throwing and tossing balls of ice cream in the air – into cups, onto the preparation board, and across the room into cups filled with waffle. I am, impressed. And highly probably so are the rest of the people in the room. To add to the fun, when one of the crews drop a ball of ice cream on the floor, they make a huge hooha about it. It’s just, so much fun just by ordering the ice cream, so much that you secretly wished that they’d drop theirs on the floor so that you can stand at the counter and continue watching others at work. If you’re bringing your child there, they have a viewing gallery (or standing spot, rather) for kids too. It’s cute.

German Chökolätekäke (Love It; 6 oz), with plain waffle :: $8.90

German Chökolätekäke (with Plain Waffle, ‘Love It’, 6 oz) ($8.90) :: The name of the signature creation is already entertaining, if you try to say it out aloud, repeating it a couple of times. Anyhows, it’s of chocolate ice cream base, with brownie, pecans, coconut and caramel, all jumbled together. The ‘Love It’ size, also known as the Medium size (6 oz), is $7.90 itself, with the add-on of plain waffle would be $1, or if you’d rather have a dipped (in chocolate) waffle, it’s $1.50 instead.

Chocolate Devotion (Love It; 6 oz), with plain waffle :: $8.90

Chocolate Devotion (with Plain Waffle, ‘Love It’, 6 oz) ($8.90) :: Oh be warned, if you aren’t starving, go for a ‘Like It’, 4 oz instead. I was literally stuffing myself with the thick chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate chip, brownie and fudge. You can’t taste anything but chocolate, of course, you can tell by the name. Having a waffle to come with chocolate ice cream would be a smart choice as it makes finishing the cup of ice cream less painful.

Some other flavors that they have includes Peanut Butter Cup Perfection (which wasn’t too bad actually!), Berry Berry Berry Good (strawberry, blueberry and raspberry), Oreo Overload, Coffee Lovers Only (self-explanatory), Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip and more. If you’d so like, you can customize your ice cream order too. It’s just at a little higher cost – no more than a dollar.

Service at the counter is for sure, as aforementioned, friendly, approachable and energetic. It’s already joyous to look at them preparing your order (for your information, my ball of ice cream was thrown across the counter into the cup with the waffle – seen with my naked eyes). However, I probably wouldn’t encourage / suggest people to go for dessert there, due to the sheer fact that the prices are very steep. I just can’t justify its worth (even with the ‘performance’ before the course). Nevertheless, it’s worth at least one try for everyone.

—> Note #1: They also serve smoothies, shakes and whole cakes.

Address: 181 Orchard Central Road, #01-09/10
Telephone: 6634 1015
Photos by me.


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