1-Caramel Dessert Boutique.

Originally also located just beside The Cathay, it now only has two outlets – at the OUB Centre @ Raffles Place, and the other one, here, right where I was, at Rochester Park. I have no idea why they only have two outlets thus far, I fell in love the first time I patronized them years back. I thought their cakes are, although steep in their prices, but much enjoyable. But well, thankfully, their slices of cakes used to cost about $7 – $8 per piece, now it’s just $6. More reasons to visit them more often for desserts at this Dessert Boutique.

1-Caramel @ Rochester Park.

Ambience at anywhere in Rochester Park is more often than not, unquestionable. And 1-Caramel is no exception. Although it can only house up to 30 hungry guests at one go, I thought it’s pretty reasonable. To play safe though, you can always give them a call to check / make a reservation (I’ve no idea if they take them). Anyways, they are located at the second level of the building, right above One Rochester (Building 1, Rochester Park – if you drive in it’s right beside the entrance / carpark of Rochester Park).

White / Brown Sugar.

Instead of the usual white / brown sugar cubes placed in transparent glasses, it’s in a transparent bowl covered with something like a gourmet cover. At least it’s something different, something new to look at and play with while waiting for your order to be taken / served.

Wild Mushroom Soup :: $10++

Wild Mushroom Soup ($10++) :: Served with egg toasts, it might look a little pricey, but oh trust me, this one here is a winning dish. The soup has, for me, just the right amount of mushroom taste, and for Pringles, it’s ‘once you pop, you can’t stop’, but for this, it’s ‘once you sip, you start to down’. The egg toasts goes well with or without the soup, so it’s all good. You’ll be enjoying the course like I did with the rest of the table pink with envy.

Traditional Eggs Benedict with Ham :: $12++

Traditional Eggs Benedict with Ham ($12++) :: If you compare the price with other breakfast cafes / restaurants, the one here is well below the average. But that being said, the quality reflects that too. Don’t get me wrong, it sure isn’t the worst of the crop, but it’s neither good / best. It’s only average, especially the English Muffin.

Creamy Scrambled Egg with German-style Sausage ($14++) :: Before anything, yes, it’s German-style PORK sausage. And it is just beyond words-awesome. I’ve never really savored a better tasting, more addicting sausage. So yes, for me, it’s a no brainer to order this if you’re both a scrambled egg and a sausage fan.

Chocolate Berry Lust / Chocolate Praline / Maltesers Cheesecake :: $6++ each

Dessert Cakes ($6++ each) :: You can’t be coming to 1-Caramel and not have any cakes – it’s against the law. Chocolate lovers? Dive straight to Chocolate Praline Cake. What makes it stand out like a sore thumb is its crispy biscuit-like base, it just goes so well with the cake. In summary, Chocolate Praline > Maltesers Cheesecake > Chocolate Berry Lust.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for somewhere to have desserts, but not wanting those regular places like Swensen’s, Secret Recipe or Haagen Dazs, 1-Caramel is the place to be. Oh, be warned, you have to walk through its kitchen to the dining area once you’re up on Level 2. So don’t doubt yourself. You’ll know what I mean when you get there.

Address (In Context): 1 Rochester Park, Level 2
Telephone: 6774 1302
Photos by me.


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