Swensen’s Singapore [Restaurant]

What I love about Christmas in Singapore is that, even though there isn’t really this, large religious celebration behind it, but everyone is so hyped about it, government and civilians alike. The lights are up 2 months ahead of the festive season, sales start the same time before, likewise for restaurants. The build-up of the Christmas atmosphere is more present than any other festivals. By chance, Swensen’s gets my first Christmas dinner this year. The specially designed menu reflects their effort in preparing for the most anticipated season of the year.

Swensen’s Christmas Menu.

Waiting time was a killer even at half past eight in the evening on a Saturday. The queue, the time for the food to be served. Can’t blame them, but yes, be prepared if you decide to pop by. The concept of having a tumbler of iced water at your table is quickly up and coming in many restaurants. It lightens the waitpersons’ job, and also lessen the complaints of waitpersons being inattentive.

Water Tumbler & Utensils.

We had a 3-course ala-carte dinner ourselves, starting with the Creamy Mushroom Soup, which actually looks promising on the menu.

Creamy Mushroom Soup :: $8.90++

Creamy Mushroom Soup ($8.90++) :: Looks can be deceiving, and in this case, it did just that. A fan of Mushroom Soup sure I am. I’m not very picky about it, but so long as it’s the grainy kind of mushroom soup, coupled with it being not-so-soupy (like some semi-melted ice cream texture), I usually call it off. And unfortunately, the one served at Swensen’s is just that, which wasn’t to my liking at all. It was neither creamy nor rich, like described in the menu. Although the sourdough breadbowl did make it up a little (it was crispy to the right degree), it was still a disappointing first course.

Grilled Turkey Breast :: $16.90++

Grilled Turkey Breast (Christmas Menu) ($16.90++) :: The word ‘turkey’ just entices me so much, I can’t bear not to order it. Served with chicken gravy, glazed chestnut, mashed potato and cranberry sauce, it was quite an average course. Nothing to scream about, but it was edible. Meat was somewhere in between too tough and just nice. Chestnut and cranberry sauce was compatible to the dish.

Lamb Shashlik :: $17.20++

Lamb Shashlik ($17.20++) :: I have to bring this up – for the first time, the physical course itself is of a bigger portion than it is reflected in the menu, which gives a satisfying feeling, psychologically. Two skewers of three huge lamb chunks each, accompanied by savory rice and garlic yoghurt sauce, this course is the winning dish of the day. Love the lamb chunks which were skewed to just right. It was well worth it, although the savory rice was more towards plain rice than as mentioned. If you’re a lamb lover, try this!

Moving on to our last but never the least course – desserts! They have a total of 12 new sundaes as part of their Christmas Menu. Of course, we need to give them nicely decorated sundaes a try.

Chocolate Twinkle :: $9.90++

Chocolate Twinkle (Christmas Menu) ($9.90++) :: A combination of Sticky Chewy Chocolate and Frosted Chocolate Malt Ice Cream (ohmy, two of my favorite Swensen’s ice cream, of course this is what I ordered), topped with, well, more chocolates! Namely cold fudge and Smarties. It’s like what I’ll do to my sundae if I were to customize it. Clearly a sundae for a Chocolate Lover, like myself. But even so, be prepared to down some few litres of water to ease your throat.

Gingerbread House :: $10.90++

Gingerbread House (Christmas Menu) ($10.90++) :: Attractive point? This tower of ice cream is topped with gingerbread man cookies – best seller for the young, or well, the young-at-heart adults, lol. Its composition is that of Butterscotch and Coffee Ice Cream. To me, the combination is too funky for my liking.

The Christmas Menu includes other items like Steak, Breaded Veal, etc. They have a page filled with the pictures and its respective descriptions. Take your time to go through them and pick whichever suits your sense of sight and taste! If you are looking for an affordable yet pretty enjoyable lunch / dinner, Swensen’s really isn’t too bad.

Address (In Context): 63 Jurong West Central 3, Jurong Point, #B1-64
Telephone: 6795 2187
Photos by me.


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