Cacao7 Low Carb Chocolates.

What the heck. I must say that to start your own business, it takes a lot of passion. Which I’m pretty sure is the case for owner of Cacao7, who happens to be a friend’s friend of mine. She’s such down-to-earth and humble, you just can’t help falling in love with her ideas and the whole set up, creativity and creation of the products she have.

Cacao7 Storefront. (Image from Cacao7)

She just got a relatively new store (with about 10 seats outside) down at Orchard Central. Probably not the most comfortable and cozy area around, but hey, when you start, you start out small and expand. So I’m most excited to look forward to that. Pardon me for the excitement, that I haven’t really touch on what Cacao7 is about. To cut the story short – it’s eating chocolates without feeling sinful. They’ve substituted the ordinary sugar with their own creation, Whey-Low sugar, which is low-carb, low-calorie, and low-glycemic index. Seriously, what more can you ask for. To add the cherry on top of the pie, they’ve done up all the figures for you – the amount of calorie / carb / sugar intake of each dish. For all you conscious ladies out there – you should totally have this as your BFF.

Hot / Iced Chocolate :: $7 (Dine-In) / $6 (Takeout)      (Image from Cacao7)

Hot / Iced Chocolate ($7 to dine in / $6 to takeout) :: Really, this is unlike any other Chocolate drink. It has this, not really sweet but there’s still the flavor taste to it, which I kind of like. It allows you to indulge in it without having problems with your throat. And oh yes, totally love the presentation – look at the glass (we even asked her where / how much she got the glass for – it’s so pretty). I really think you shouldn’t miss out on this if you are there.

Chocolate Lava Scoop Cake :: $7 (Dine-In) / $6 (Takeaout)

Chocolate Lava Scoop Cake ($7 to dine in / $6 to takeout) :: Likewise, yes, this scoop cake is, I really don’t know how to describe it.. It’s soft, and very flavorful. You just keep wanting more, and more. To be completely honest, I can’t guarantee myself if I could give this a miss next time I go there and try out something new. Which is probably why, they are selling it in boxes.

Boxes of 4 (Frozen): $20
Beauty of it – you just need to heat it up accordingly, no ‘frills’.

Apparently there are a number of things that’s gaining popularity as we are speaking. Just by hearing them makes me drool.

Irish Tiramisu Mousse (I told you so): $7 (Dine-In) / $6 (Takeout)
Salted Caramel Bonbons: $3.50 for 2
French Truffles: $3 for 2

I think that’s enough said, if you’re around the corner, it would be harmless (literally) to drop by and give the used-to-be-sinful chocolates a try. Concerned about savoring chocolates peacefully is a history here at Cacao7.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #B2-09, Orchard Central


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