Serving Mediterranean food (Turkish, Middle Eastern, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian..), Medzs can only be as appropriate for their restaurant name. I first read about this somewhere off the informative internet, and thought this needs to be tried out. It functions similar to that of Marché – a ‘credit card’ system where they basically swipe your card upon each order, so much that you just spend like it’s a buffet because you can’t see the figures (unless you calculate it on the spot). But that’s the beauty of it, enjoy now, worry later, haha. What’s better for Medzs is, they have an alarm system where it’ll vibrate and sound once your order is done. So that saves some energy of standing at the counter and waiting.

Medzs ‘Alarm System’.

Oh yes – to add to that, they have the store names printed on it so you know where to go to, duh!


The ‘In-Use’ stone by the corner of the picture. It’s so cute we almost wanted to sneak it into our bag, pretending that it’s a souvenir for us for dining in. Heck, it suits the theme well, and it’s just good and cheap ideas but with substantial effect.

Salad Mix Platter :: $6+

Salad Mix Platter ($6+) :: It’s no ordinary salad that I’ve tried. I love the Eggplant, and thought this is a good break from the main courses from time to time, with added Pita Bread ($3+) that we ordered.

Cod Fillet :: $16+

Cod Fillet ($16+) :: Cod Fillet, the winning dish, hands down. I thought Marché’s grilled fishes weren’t too bad already, this was like, ‘Man, are you underpricing this?’ The mashed potato was amazing, and likewise for the fresh fish on ice, cooked to perfection. There is no doubt that I’ll be trying out other fishes on ice that they have. Must try.

Beef Hotplate with Lamb :: $10.90+

Beef Hotplate with Lamb ($10.90+) :: Although the best combination of meat (oh yummy lamb and beef), it isn’t the best style cooked. I dislike the tomato-based nature (or anything tomato-based for the record, but still, enjoyed the smell and taste of the two awesome meat. If you don’t mind tomato, and love beef and lamb too, go for it.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich :: $8.90+

Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($8.90+) :: Love the wedges, love the salmon, just not the sandwich. It was too hard and not too nice to bite and swallow. I wouldn’t recommend any sandwiches here.

Panfried Duck Leg Confit :: $12+

Panfried Duck Leg Confit ($12+) :: I am drooling as we are speaking here. The meat was just well done, and the gravy, to die for. If there is one dish that you must order, it’s the Cod Fillet, and the Duck Leg Confit. Oh wait, that’s two, but who cares!

Just a warning that if you’re a first timer there, do not be overwhelmed by the choices you have – you’ll be spoilt for choices. Like I was. We literally walked round and round a couple of times before deciding to each order at least a dish and then we share. Can’t describe how blissful the feeling was when you were like having the whole restaurant to yourself. Hate the crowd, yes. Thank god it was empty when we were there.

Medzs @ Orchard Central.

Don’t you just love the design of it all. Furthermore, they have this 5% Bar that serves hundreds of different international beer. If you already have a beer belly, think no more and give it a try. The bar front is magnificent.

So even though not everything here is awesome, most are. Topped with the fact that it’s affordable. It’s a full 4 stars (✰✰✰✰) for me. I’m in the process of converting this to my new home (replacing Marché).

—> Note #1: When you’re done with your meal, proceed to the exit counter for payment with the Medzs card (don’t go asking for bill).

—> Note #2: Service charge is waived. So if you’re intending to calculate up the bill before heading over to the counter, remember to exclude the 10% Service Charge.

Photos by Liz.
Address: 181 Orchard Road, #B2-01/03, Orchard Central
Telephone: 6238 9028


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