Yes I have committed a sin – it’s like a cheaper addiction of Marche / Medzs. It costs $20/year to be a member of their, well, sin. I must say that it’s totally worth the while – they have vouchers like free desserts (of course, except the Dessert Box), free coffee, free Warm Chocolate Cake on your birthday month, free 6 x macarons etc. Also, 10% off on all meals (except Meal Boxes), and 20% off on your birthday month. Discount’s applicable for buying macarons off the shelf too, so I must say, the membership is of good value if you frequent the restaurant.

Bakerzin Menu.

They adopt, a very timeworn feeling on the menu – made of paper-like material, but still with warm colors, I like it. I guess they’ve fulfilled what they want for their menu – ‘Visual Memories’.

Mushroom Soup :: $5.90++

Mushroom Soup ($5.90++) :: Mushroom / Clam Chowder Soup have always been my favorite starter before a meal. Before I tried their Mushroom Soup, in particular, I’ve pretty much had an expectation of their soups in general. With the soups that come along with Meal Boxes, I’ve had enough of their, Corn Soup, Green Pea Soup, and the likes. They are just not for me. They’ve always been left to dry whenever I have a bowl of it. Disappointingly, same goes for the Mushroom Soup. It has a grainy texture to it (I know that some people actually like it), but doesn’t have a rich taste of mushroom. If you ask me, avoid all their soups at all cost.

Baked Chicken Wings :: $8.90++

Baked Chicken Wings ($8.90++) :: First bite in and I thought, ‘this tastes so much like those I’ve had at the coffeeshop at East Coast Park’. I quite like it, and it’s worth the money. Quantity and quality both satisfied.

Pan-Grilled Bratwurst (2 Pieces) :: $8.90++

Pan-Grilled Bratwurst (2 Pieces) ($8.90++) :: What’s absurd is that the picture on the menu shows a stack of mashed potato, but it turned out otherwise. This is one of my pet peeves when eating out. It’s the most ridiculous when there’s a change in menu and they don’t have the courtesy to inform the patrons during taking of order.

Creamy Mushroom Linguine :: $11.90++

Creamy Mushroom Linguine ($11.90++) :: Firstly, this course is very creamy. Secondly, it’s very mushroom-y. And by very, I mean, very. So if you are both a fan of creamy pasta and mushrooms, this is so for you. I adore it.

Coupe Cheesecake Verrine :: $10.90++

Coupe Cheesecake Verrine ($10.90++) :: The thing I like about the verrine is.. the macaron that tops it. Otherwise, haven’t always been a fan of strawberry. Would definitely like to try their Coupe Black Forest Verrine next.

Besides the aforementioned, I have some other courses I’ve tried before.

Lamb Stew Pasta ($16.90++) :: It was my first time trying Lamb Stew Pasta, and no, if you are thinking the same – it’s dry pasta, the normal, pasta. Just with lamb chunks. It’s a love-hate affair, I love the lamb, but the taste it gets onto the pasta makes it quite bad (don’t get me wrong, I’m one who loves the lamb taste). So if you’re adventurous enough, or want to try something exotic, you can give this a go.

Carbonara ($12.90++) :: Very ordinary pasta.

Linguine with Bratwurst Balsamico ($13.90++) :: Surprisingly, I like this course. I’m not usually a fan of this combination of meat + pasta, but the bratwurst in this occasion, makes the whole dish very easy to finish.

Linguine Vongole ($14.50++) :: Not a very friendly dish, in my opinion. I am guessing that only a small percentage enjoys this. No it’s not that it’s badly cooked, it’s just, clams aren’t too popular, and white wine too. Top them up together and it’ll take a strong lover to love this. I actually love both, but the white wine might be a little too much / strong. Otherwise it’d be a fresh choice.

Aglio Olio Spaghetti ($7.90++) :: To me, they have this nailed. It always takes a lot of effort for me to order some other courses other than this, topped with Mushroom, Bacon and Ham (additional $5++). It’s spicy to my liking, piping hot, and just done so nicely. A must try!

Braised Pork Belly with Rice ($13.90++) :: The rice that comes with it kinda reminds me that of the Japanese’. A little sticky and hard, but not quite there. But the braised pork belly is yummy. If they have it as an appetizer, it might be on my to-order list everytime I’m there.

Meal Boxes :: Before ordering, I always check with them the Soup and Dessert of the Day. If they are to my liking, then Meal Box it is. It comes with a cold drink too (Iced Tea / Italian Soda).

Chocolate Souffle ($8.90++) :: Considering the price, and that it’s afterall not a chocolate specialty restaurant, it’s awesome enough for me. I guess chocolate just can’t go too wrong.

Bakerzin Dessert Box ($21.90++) :: Unless the cake of the day is awesome, you probably shouldn’t order this. You’re better off ordering desserts individually – making it suit your tastebuds rather than having them do it for you, which can never be better.

I don’t expect much, service wise. But I must say, the main courses is the reason why I keep going back. It’s just, there.

Address (In Context): Jurong Point, 63 Jurong West Central 2, #03-58/59
Telephone: 6791 2155
Photos by Kathleen.


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