Graze @ Rochester Park.

Since the day I strolled past Graze after a meal at Rochester Park, I’ve been stalking them on their artistically-designed website. And of course, their menu. And since then too, I’ve been drooling over their BBQ items.

Graze @ Rochester Park.

The journey into Rochester Park, Graze in specific, is quite a distance, seeing that the restaurant is all the way deep in the parallel rows of restaurants. Well, having a car’s still ideal. But as it was evening, walking in from Buona Vista MRT isn’t as much a pain as if it were to be on a scorching hot afternoon. It is advisable to be there for dinner, at the dusk hours – the ambience would then set in.

Sofa seats for a nice drink.

Screening of Charlie Chaplin.

Air-conditioned indoor seating, or alfresco dining – it’s entirely up to you. We decided on the latter, because hey, dining isn’t only about food – it’s about soaking into the atmosphere. We were warmly welcomed upon reaching, and ushered to our preferred seats. Service was surprisingly good, after reading some of the negative feedback running around.

Bread Basket.

Like how chips are served in Mexican Restaurants, bread basket (on the house) was served here at Graze, coupled with the olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Bread was soft and easy to the throat, unlike some hard and rough ones. Good starter.

Corn-fed Black Angus Striploin (Medium Rare) :: $44++

Corn-fed Black Angus Striploin ($44++) :: Shiraz (red wine), Black Pepper, Mushroom, or Bearnaise (butter in egg yolk) sauce – your wish is their command. Having been torn between shiraz and black pepper, I asked for a recommendation, and decided on the former. Glad it didn’t disappoint, and that throughout the course, I didn’t feel at all ‘gelat‘. It was commendable.

Seared Duck Breast :: $33++

Seared Duck Breast ($33++) :: At first we were doubtful on the quantity of the course, afraid that it wouldn’t even feel half the stomach. Thankfully, it wasn’t the case (even though no, it definitely can’t fill you completely). It comes with apple salad by the side, and I thought it’s special. Love things seared. Love duck. So.

King Salmon :: $34++

King Salmon ($34++) ::  For me, being satisfied with the restaurant / food and expenditure is directly proportionate. And it can be reflected here. Two persons, we decided to order another main course besides ours, to share – King Salmon. We love the presentation of the lemon & lime, it’s brilliant. And we were spot-on on ordering the Salmon. First bite down, and you’re off flying without wings. But we both agreed that if you go on and finish it on your own, you’d get sick of it.

Dessert Tasting Plate :: $35++

Dessert Tasting Plate ($35++) :: It’s as if we haven’t had enough, we decided to go crazy and ordered the Dessert Tasting Plate, making this a 4-course meal with 2 main courses. To sum this dish up, it’s a mini-creation of the other desserts they have on their menu. Some examples are Chocolate Fondant (top right corner – also known as my favorite), Warm Apple Pie Crumble (not too bad), Honeycomb and Strawberry Ice Cream (top left corner, very very unique – I’ve never had such before), Vanilla Bean & Raspberry Creme Brulee, and Ice Cream. It’s a great dessert to order when you’re not sure which, out of the list, do you want to end your night with.

I don’t think there is a need for reservation, I was there on a Saturday night and it was fine throughout the night.

Do not take my word for it, but for me.
Ambience. Full marks.
Service. Full marks.
Food. Almost there.

We’re just now contemplating between a Christmas Dinner @ Graze or District 10. We shall see (:

Address (In Context): 4 Rochester Park
Telephone: 6775 9000


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