Re!Fill Restaurant @ Hotel Re!

Even before I begin with anything, boy do I love their innovation and creativity of their names. Hotel Re!, tagged along with their restaurant named Re!Fill and facilities called Re!Fresh. Oh yes, and it fits Re!tro too – the theme for this hotel. Secluded away, at the top of Pearl’s Hill, this boutique hotel, Hotel Re!, used to be a school building (a school called Pearl’s Hill School). And I was exceptionally thrilled to visit this hotel / restaurant because Pearl’s Hill School was my Primary School for 3 years back then. It was the tallest school building (12 storey, with a lift, and lift operator), and I was so proud to be a part of it. Unfortunately, it ceased operation after operating for 29 years from its opening on 1972. Former students of the school can definitely still see signs of Pearl’s Hill School – the shape / layout of the school, the staircase, etc. Nostalgic, very much.

The design of the restaurant.

The restaurant isn’t necessarily very retro in design, except for the rainbow wallpaper all around. Otherwise, the cushion seats were more than comfortable and suitable for the mood.

Utensils lined out neatly.

Service was outstanding, and very professional if I may add. The changing of utensils according to what individuals are having was done very neatly and attentively. The waitperson arranged and aligned it to perfection, which I was impressed (when I saw that she adjusted to align it).

Mushroom Soup with Puff Pastry :: $6.80++

Lobster Bisque :: $8.80++

Soups :: Once again, excellent service I say this is. Immediately upon expressing of interest on the mushroom soup, the waitperson asked which exactly. And pointed out that we ordered the above instead of the normal one (the price was either a $0.40 difference or of the same, I can’t exactly remember) as it’s more worthy of the money. Honesty of the waitperson always wins my heart. The Lobster Bisque was filled with chunks of lobster and prawn pieces – not the freshest of all, but generous a portion enough for me not to feel that the soup is not worth the money.

Hot Chocolate (Pot) :: $5.50++

Hot Chocolate (Pot) ($5.50++) :: We were like ‘what is a pot of hot chocolate?’ We casually asked the waitperson and thankfully we did that – because we were then told that its serving’s sufficient for two. And so money was saved.

Z Wings (6pieces) :: $12.80++

Z Wings (6pieces) ($12.80++) :: I thought the chicken wings was very ordinary. The only thing that is not about the dish are the fruits and salad by the side. I’ve never had wings served with fruits.

Vietnamese Spring Roll :: $8.80++

Vietnamese Spring Roll ($8.80++) :: Again, served with fruits. The dish is very forgettable, affordable to give it a miss, advisable to try other side dishes while you are there.

Seafood Abalone Laksa :: $18.80++

Seafood Abalone Laksa ($18.80++) :: Or at least that is the standard price for the bowl of awesomeness, especially on a rainy day (too bad it only rained the day after I had it, making me crave another bowl of it). I had mine at a 1-for-1 offer, extended due to popular demand. So grab a friend (who eats laksa) and head down to Re!Fill. Although it doesn’t have my favorite clams, it does have a big fat scallop, 3 fresh prawns, and a small abalone (the size of the hole when you do an ‘okay’ sign with your thumb and index finger) – all cooked to perfection. For convenience sake, they have a small dish of sambal chili served with the big bowl of laksa, just in case you want more kick.

I’ve rated this a 3 stars (✰✰✰) for the sheer fact that it gives me a good tingling feeling when in the building, the outstanding attentive to detail service, and the wide range of cuisines offered (italian / general western / asian / local), making it the restaurant to visit no matter with your westernized friends or homey family.

—> Note #1: They are having another offer as of now: 2nd Asian Delight dish ordered gets a 50% off.

—> Note #2: Last I checked, paying by UOB debit / credit card gives you a 10% off items that were not previously discounted.

—> Note #3: You can either take a short 10 minutes walk from Outram MRT Station (take Exit B, turn left, and you should be able to see user-friendly signs throughout the whole walk to the isolated hotel, starting on the right), or take the scheduled shuttle bus from Outram MRT.

—> Note #4: If you are going in a big group (of 8 and above), it’s better to make a reservation first because it’s a relatively small restaurant.

Address: 175A Chin Swee Road
Telephone: 6827 8228


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