The Club @ Marina Bay Sands [Chocolate Buffet]

I think this is pretty much a new kid on the block – I have no idea when it started, maybe sometime early this year, but hey, it’s almost a must to try any Chocolate Buffet that’s available in town. And so, together with some other friends who are Chocolate Enthusiasts too (and some who are not but still succumbed to peer pressure), we booked our spectacular night for the magnificent chocolate buffet.

Marina Bay Sands Coaster.

Chocolate Buffet @ The Club Beverage Menu.

With the restaurant, The Club / The Chocolate Bar, located at level 57 (and coincidentally, they offer 57 unique items for the buffet), and the fact that it’s situated in Marina Bay Sands itself, tell your sense of sight and touch that they’re in for a treat. The majestic interior, the illustrious high ceiling, and the first-class service that we encountered while making our way to Tower 2 was the perfect, right way to kick start the exciting night already. That is why they say – first impression counts.

The Club.

This is how they work. Since The Club is located on level 57, the same as the Skypark, one would need a key access card to get up using the lift. Having made reservation in advance, we were politely expected at the lobby, with the key card prepared. We were led into the lift, and passed the key card, which was later passed back to the restaurant staff upon registering at the entrance. So that leaves you with no key card (which would be needed to get out of the area after you’re done with dinner). The system’s a little flawed, I thought, because then when asked, you just have to say you had a meal at the restaurant and they’d scan open the door for you. I see no reason in then, asking for the key card upon exiting. But that’s all beside the point (just thought you ought to know).

One of the 4 counters filled with chocolate-themed desserts.

I shall start with a couple of my favorite chocolate items. One of the must-tries, in my opinion. Although honestly, there isn’t many of those – only 2, for me.

Hazelnut Royal.

Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding.

Those 2 are my favorites, as simple as they look. Sometimes the winning ingredient is simplicity. Besides the aforementioned, I thought there isn’t any item else that would be positively and clearly imprinted in your mind. The rest are ordinary, nothing substantial.

Assorted Chocolate desserts.

Raspberry Satin.

An array of sublime chocolate creations.

White Chocolate & Coconut Mousse.


Chocolate desserts prepared by Executive Pastry Chef Alejandro Luna & team.

They also have pralines & chocolate pieces offered as part of the Chocolate Buffet. One thing I’m quite bummed about is their Chocolate Fondue. Well at least under usual circumstance, a Chocolate Fondue would be one that has the fondue fountain. To my huge surprise – they don’t. They have the dippers, but to enjoy the ‘fondue’, you have to scoop hardened chocolate sauce from a bowl and pour it over your dippers. Tada. Disappointing.

And maybe I missed out on it somehow, but I definitely didn’t see the ‘two live stations that serve Salted Caramel Fondant and Churros con Chocolate’. I didn’t see anyone manning any live stations, so, I have no idea what they meant by that when they state it on their website.

Ice Cream.

Towards the end of the dinner, the waitperson asked if we want the ice cream to be served. We were hesitant at first, but still went ahead with it because we thought the ice-cold ice cream should be fine even with the already over-overload chocolate stomach of ours. But if you’re really already at the edge, it’s no big deal giving this a miss. Although it looks crunchy on the outside – it actually isn’t.

One of the perks is their inclusion of a free flow of the famous TWG Tea (and can be requested to change its teabag as and when you wish). They have available Green Tea, English Breakfast, French’s Earl Grey, Chamomile amongst others. It sure is a drink that rinses your already sweet mouth, to fill it up with more chocolates.

TWG Chamomile Tea.

I know that many of you are comparing Fullerton Hotel’s & MBS’ Chocolate Buffet. I’ll try to break it down for you – but the choice is still up to you, ultimately.
I thought that the chocolate @ Fullerton Hotel > Marina Bay Sands’. It felt more substantial and of higher quality.
Ambience wise, Fullerton Hotel isn’t necessarily far away from MBS’. Of course, if you’re comparing the whole package (from the arrival to MBS till the arrival at The Club + the panoramic view from level 57, then ambience in general, MBS > Fullerton), then MBS wins. If you’re talking about the restaurant itself, I think that The Courtyard@ Fullerton Hotel is classier.
Both have the same price ($38++). Service are just about on par too.

So, it’s entirely up to you what kind of experience you’re looking at.

—> Note #1: I don’t think that reservation is needed. But it’d be useful to make requests if you’re going in a large group, or would like to request for a seat outdoors / indoors.

—> Note #2: You can consider sitting outdoors. It’s breezy (on level 57) and relatively quieter.

—> Note #3: Paying by UOB Debit / Credit Card can get you a free glass of champagne per person (too bad we weren’t told when reservation was made).

—> Note #4: Entrance to the skypark is included if you’re dining at The Club. So grab a camera, and swimwear (if you’re so interested in their infinity pool).

—> Note #5: The Chocolate Buffet starts after 8PM daily, until 12AM.

Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Level 57 Sands Skypark, Tower 2, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
Telephone: 6688 8858
Photos by me.


8 thoughts on “The Club @ Marina Bay Sands [Chocolate Buffet]

    • Hey there. The other time when I was there, I only needed to make a reservation for the restaurant. When I got there, they’d ‘escort’ us up there, without a need to pay for the skypark ticket. I’m quite sure that you still do not need to pay for the skypark ticket to dine at the restaurant, though I do not know how they will go about bringing you up now, what with their new system of issuing a ‘wrist band’ for entry per hotel guest card. You do not need to pay to use the lift. It’s only entering the swimming pool area / observation deck that they’ll need a verification. Observation Deck costs $20. Unlike before, the Pool is now only opened to guests of the hotel.

  1. Thank you very much! (:
    Mhm, because the restaurant is right in front of the pool, you can go for the pool if you really want, lol. ‘Cos there’s no one to usher you from the lift to the restaurant and restaurant to lift. Anyhows, I just went up for a walk again recently – it’s super packed even on a weekday afternoon, hah.

  2. Hi, awesome post!:) great photos to boot.
    p.s. about the infinity pool, pretty sure its only limited to hotel guests……..

  3. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely comeback.

  4. it’s nice of you to compare the chocolate bar and fullerton’s chocolate buffet! always wanted to know which one i shld go to.. thanks!


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