The Courtyard @ Fullerton Hotel [Chocolate Buffet]

After what seemed like years (oh no exaggeration here), my dream finally came true – Chocolate Buffet. I have been imagining myself, sensuously delighting in the trays of rich chocolate; indulging in the heavenly yet sinful (to most people, but most definitely not the skinny me) browns. So the occasion arose, a call for celebration, and we arranged for this long-awaited buffet, a date close to my birthday.

Fullerton Hotel – ‘The Chocolate Factory’.

The high, graceful ceiling.

As one would have expected, an elegant evening lies ahead so long as you know that you’re dining in Fullerton Hotel. Walking through the charmed doors of the hotel was like entering into the World of Narnia – a world apart. We were pleasantly greeted by a couple of violinists by the side of The Courtyard, where the precious chocolates lie.

The table setting.

The Centerpiece – Rose.

Don’t expect to be standing in front of an extended line of buffet spread, because well, how many chocolate products can there be, right. 4 main counters, I’d say. But hey, don’t give too much a thought into it, just sink into the atmosphere and enjoy the posh night.

Pastries / Cakes / Desserts Counter.

Assorted Chocolate Cakes.

A small sauce dish of heaven.

Assorted Macarons.

I thought the cakes and pastries were of a pretty acceptable standard. It’s also note-worthy that the cakes are not of a too-generous-that-you’ll-be-too-full-after-two-slices portion. Quite a variety of cakes for you to choose from – I’m all for giving each a try, and then a re-visit of a piece of two after the tasting. After which, you should probably move on to other stations before the sugar gets to you, very soon.

Chocolate-Brewing / Cooking Counter.

A cup of hot chocolate – % of darkness of chocolate – your choice.

The pleasure of watching the waitperson picking up solid blocks of chocolate is just, indescribable. The stirring, melting, and the bubbling of cooked, hot chocolate right in front of you. The temptation of going back to get another cup of hot chocolate just to watch the process is weirdly high. Lined at the front of the table are choices of the different % of darkness of chocolate. So however sweet, or however bitter you want your cup of savory to be, your wish is their command.

Chocolate Fondue Counter.

Fruits / Assortments for Chocolate Fondue.

There are 2 Chocolate Fondue stations set up. More or less the regular dippers, whatever you’d expect to have from a Fondue Counter will be there – strawberries, pineapples, profiteroles, marshmallows, and brownie pieces.


On top of the chocolate-filled counters (by now, you should already have been enough of the sugar rush), there are some non-chocolate flavored ice cream to the right of the hot chocolate station, and a crepe station, tucked away in the far corner of the vicinity. Again, with it being prepared on the spot (sizzling oil in the hot pan), it is just a pure entertainment to look at it. Topped with berry sauce and almond pieces, it’s a break away from the richness of chocolate.

I have got to be honest – no you can’t and probably won’t be eating much of the chocolate, or eat up to what you pay for (approximately $44 after taxes); it will not be a meal that is value for money if you’re just looking at how much you can eat. This buffet is like no others – you’re not here to fill your stomach; nor are you here to eat to your heart’s, or stomach’s content for that matter. People will say it’s not worth the money, but here’s my take – if you enjoy a handsome and majestic dessert buffet in an aristocratic-sounding name hotel and restaurant, then give it a shot to taste the confectionery.

Address: 1 Fullerton Square, Ground Floor Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
Telephone: 6877 8128
Photos by Kathleen & The Chosen Glutton.


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