Canelé Patisserie Chocolaterie.

This is going to be more of a special post. There will not be as much comments on the food. Just feast on your eyes, and some brief words.

Interior of Canelé.

Interior of Canelé.



I love the ambience and setting. It looks really sleek, with the black and pinkish red color scheme, the lighting, cushion-seating and the clever use of mirror and its reflection.

Salad 'Canelé' :: $9.50++

Salad ‘Canele’ ($9.50++) :: It might be a tad’ bit pricey, considering its small portion of crab meat amongst the sea of salad. However, I love it.

Marinara Spaghettini :: $17.50++

Marinara Spaghettini ($17.50++) :: Reviewed by my friend to be rubber-like tasting. And spicy even though it’s tomato-based. So, that’s a warning for you if you are not a spicy-food eater.

St. Marc :: $7.48++

Mont Blanc :: $6.54++

Black Forest :: $8.41++

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake :: $7.48++

In summary:
Black Forest (66% dark chocolate mousse) > Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (walnut chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cheese, dark chocolate) > Mont Blanc (chestnut) > St. Marc (Biscuit joconde with Kirsch, creme brulee, vanilla creme, dark chocolate cream).

Iced Water on Canelé Coaster.

Canelé Coaster.

Service is definitely of standard (even though my order of Chic Choc Crepe was forgotten), not much of service recovery but I’m fine with it thanks to their good standard of basic service. Ambience, need I say more. I still think that it is more of a place for some good desserts instead of main course + dessert.
The next time I’m there, I’ll be sure to try their macarons. And again, my lost-in-the-kitchen crepe.

Address (in context): 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-46/47
Telephone: 6334 7377
Photos by me.


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