Privé Restaurant, Waterfront Bar & Café.

When I finally got to the destination – Privé Bakery Café. Well, why do I say so. For me for Privé, it was ‘the 4th time is a charm’. First time I decided to come here (due to the excellent reviews and undeniable positive ambience), my plan was canceled the night before. Second time, it was canceled on the morning itself (I was nearly crashed xD). And the third time, it rained (so we had to cancel it because we planned on going there by foot, and no we don’t have the habit of carrying an umbrella with us). So this time round – it wasn’t canceled, thankfully, and the weather was more than fine. So after what seemed like forever, I finally got the chance to go back to Marina @ Keppel Bay – probably the prettiest and most picturesque place in Singapore.

On the way to Marina @ Keppel Bay.

At Privé Bakery Café.

We reached this blessed place and came to a decision to occupy the air-conditioned seats, just because, Singapore is nearly always so hot and humid. It was rather cozy inside, although it was frustrating how the table we got was shaky (maybe they could have done something about it already before any more guests get to it). However, we started throwing the food items off our lips to the waitperson, as if we’re having a buffet or some sort.

Danish Chocolate Roll :: $1.20++

Danish Hazelnut Swirl :: $1.20++

Mini Danishes ($1.20++) :: If you want me to describe it in just a word, it’d be, hands down, ‘ordinary’. It’d actually be more enjoyable if there were to take the initiative to heat it up (I’m not sure if they do when requested). The next time I’m there, I’ll try asking, because I’m imagining it to taste much better when warmed. For me, the Chocolate Roll > Hazelnut Swirl. The latter tasted a little weird, but it wasn’t bad.

Croissant :: $2.00++

Croissant ($2.00++) :: The croissant was relatively big. And croissant + butter = love. lol. Again, though, all was just averagely tasting. Nothing special, just something else to fill your stomach up.

Eggs Royale :: $16.00++

Eggs Royale ($16.00++) :: Just in case you were looking at the online menu, don’t be fooled by the outdated food items, and prices. An example would be the flavors for the mini danishes, they’ve been changed. So have the prices attached to the breakfast list. Anyhow, I’m unaffected by it, just giving you a heads up to not expect what is shown entirely. Right, back to the Eggs Royale – I thought the smoked salmon at the base of the poached eggs was good, when tasted alone, but when you have a big bite as a whole of the dish, you can’t really taste the salmon on your tongue. Besides that, the english muffin (which is, not the muffin muffin, but kind of a burger bun) was a little burnt on the sides. Same goes for the Eggs Benedict ($16.00++) we had – the ham and bacon wasn’t very flavorful, I was expecting something more in an award-winning brunch venue, thus, I was disappointed. I’d go for Wild Honey’s Eggs Benedict over this any day.

Fluffy Pancakes :: $13.00++

Fluffy Pancakes ($13.00++) :: Topped with banana, strawberries and walnut (which were all pretty fresh and palatable), the pancakes that we shared among two was just nice. Again, somehow, pancakes just can’t be consumed by one person – you’d get sick of it very quickly. Nothing spectacular, and not as pleasant smelling as the ones I had in Jones the Grocer (that one is by far, the best pancakes I’ve had).

To sum up, the food here was mediocre. But the environment and surrounding (ie. Marina @ Keppel Bay) would make me return for a second chance, maybe next time on the lunch/dinner menu. The setting’s good. Service’s not too bad either. So, if you are looking for some excellent food, not here you can find, but some average food while enjoying some scenic views, then yes, this is for you.

—> Note #1: Walking there from HarborFront MRT takes about 15 minutes or so, if you’re planning on reaching there by foot.

—> Note #2: Toilet’s not within the restaurant, but just outside of it at the lobby area.

—> Note #3: I was there on a weekday morning, so it was rather empty. If you intend to go on a weekend morning, I’d suggest you go as soon as it opens (9AM – 9.30AM), because if I remember correctly, the other time when I tried making a reservation for a weekend morning, they said that they don’t take reservations for weekend mornings. So.

—> Note #4: All-day breakfast is from 9AM till 5pm daily.

Address: Marina at Keppel Bay, 2 Keppel Bay Vista
Telephone: 6776 0777
Photos by self.


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