Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.

A commonly mispronounced restaurant name, Brotzeit (bro-zait) German Bier Bar & Restaurant, got my friends and I to actually ask the waitpersons themselves what exactly the pronunciation is, and, voila, case closed. Before I went there, I’ve always wanted to give it a try, just because it looks so cool from the outside.

I still remember the first time I stepped foot in (the VivoCity outlet). It was after a long day, and thankfully, the ambience just made it better. It’s definitely a place for friends to chill over a table of german beer, sausages, platters, and well, maybe their famous pork knuckle. First time there, and not exactly for a main course, we ordered the Fischplatte.

Fischplatte ($36.50++) :: It’s a seafood platter, with a variety of smoked / pretty rare / raw fishes and seafood, and from what I know, not a lot of people out there are fans of these kind of platters. But for me, I am quite a huge fan (likewise for cold platters and the likes). It has smoked salmon, tuna, prawns – all of which are, I must say, pretty safe choices of fishes. The only more exotic one is the anchovies. I feel that it is a love-it-or-hate-it affair with the anchovies, particularly because of its saltiness. First bite down, second chew in, it might still be tolerable. But as it goes on, one might find it too salty to taste it independently. I was pretty much licking off the plate until half the anchovies were gone, then I couldn’t really go on anymore. But it was a good dish I must say – good for sharing, what with the basket of bread that comes with it. If you’re a gigantic fan of german sausages, you’re in for a treat, as they have a sausage platter, with basically, ‘all’ kinds of sausages.

Pork Knuckle.

Pork Knuckle :: This signature dish of theirs isn’t on their menu (I really have no idea why though). It’s in the mid-thirty price range, for a delectable, big portion of pork knuckle (it’s bigger than your knuckle, for sure). I shared it with my friend, and if you’re planning to have some desserts after the meal, I think it’s probably sufficient. I’ve tried Pork Knuckle at Brewerkz and Marche, I thought this is the best of the three.

Now comes my favorite part of the restaurant, weirdly enough. Haha – it’s desserts!

Schokokuchen (Warm Rich Chocolate Cake with Stracciatella Ice Cream) ($12.50++ ) :: Very ordinary cake, very ordinary ice cream. It was enjoyable as far as a dessert goes, but nothing special.

Kaiserschmarren (Shredded Pancake with Rum & Raisin with Plum Sauce) ($12.50++) :: I tell you, this tastes SO much better than it sounds. It doesn’t appeal to me at first because of the plum sauce, but little did I realize that the plum sauce was actually the best thing that happened that night. My friends and I ordered the previously mentioned dessert on top of this. After finishing both, guess what, we were so addicted to this (I bet they sprinkled some-, I mean, a lot of MSG over the dessert) we ordered another plate of it. That is after our main course & these desserts, mind you. I don’t know, but the pancake, rum & raisin and the plum sauce go SO well together it’s like they’re made for each other from the day they were born. No exaggeration. But of course, this is my very personal opinion. It’s just, surprisingly good. I know that I’ll definitely not be giving it a miss the next time I give Brotzeit another visit (probably to get a taste of their german sausages, as it should be for a german restaurant).

Impression on Brotzeit? Very nice, unique though confusing restaurant name. Always somewhere nice to chill after work, after a long day, with your date, with your friends. Dim lighting. Very neat and furnishing – the benches, the high stools. And at least an average to above average food. Worth trying.

Address (Outlets in context): VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-149/151 | Discovery Walk at 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #01-27
Telephone: 6272 8815 | 6834 4038
Photos by Yee Meng.


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