Wild Honey.

If you haven’t heard of Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery by now, well, mhmm, at least you do now! Hah. Famous for its all day breakfast concept, I gave it a try quite some time ago, and then again recently (just because their menu is so intriguing).

Wild Honey. Sounds good already.

Even on a Monday brunch, it is packed. Well also because they are a small outlet, but still. Their furnishing is kind of the air-conditioned ‘Riders Cafe’ style – a part with cushions and sofa; some with ordinary tables and chairs; a corner with a straight row of high stool and bar-table – each with a different reason for choice. Be warned though, if you are going on a weekend, be prepared to be put on the wait list. I waited for half an hour the other time. Thankfully, it isn’t those that you need to stand, in line. You can walk around and take in the Mandarin Gallery atmosphere while waiting for the call from them.

Elegant cubes of sugar.

When settled at a table, the cup of cubed sugar caught my attention. It can be found in certain places, but under the dim lighting, cozy and comfy ambience, this piece of art just brings creativity to another level. You just feel so comfortable inside, like everything’s well in place.

Chocolate Muffin :: $4.50++

Chocolate Muffin :: Very carefully prepared, the muffin actually looks better than it tastes. It isn’t -that- bad, but at that point of time when we were already starving while waiting for some late comers to arrive, it sufficed. It’s nothing to rave about, very ordinary, muffin.

European Breakfast :: $18.90++

European Breakfast ($18.90++) :: Now this is something to rave about. When they say it’s ‘perfectly poached eggs’, they mean it. Their version of Eggs Benedict, is, the best I’ve had in my life. Wrapped around the eggs are some well-done, spot-on, Italian Prosciutto – or more commonly known as the Parma Ham. The hollandaise sauce, ahhh. Sandwiched between the thick brioche and ham&egg is the sauteed mushrooms. I think it provides the right twist in the whole sweetness of the meal. Excellent dish, all in all. A must try.

Tunisian Breakfast.

Tunisian Breakfast :: Very simply put, it is a sizzling pan of, tomato concise. The description actually sounds really mouth-watering, but well, like we know, it’s after all, a description, written by a brilliant guy. If you’re a tomato lover, don’t mind a couple of eggs, some cheese, sausages, topped with onion and red pepper, then maybe this breakfast set is for you. Otherwise, avoid this at all cost, like what my friend and I have intended to. We agreed that the European Breakfast is way better.

English Breakfast :: The typical, classic English breakfast. Literally. Bacon here isn’t done like those in European Breakfast, it’s harder / crispier. It’s just another English breakfast for me. I thought the portion was huge enough, so I’m not complaining much.

The recent trip there was very pleasant. It was on a rainy and dull day – just the time to give Wild Honey a visit. Dimly-lit restaurant, comfortable, warm and homely feel, we chilled at the restaurant for quite some time, it felt good. Service is professional. If you have time, just pop by for an all-day non-stop breakfast, and maybe a piping hot tea.

—> Note #1: They adopt the order-at-the-counter-and-pay-instantly system. So don’t wave to the waitperson to take your order. Hah.

—> Note #2: If you’re ordering any of the pastries just in front of the counter, just order it at the counter, you do not have to take / ask for a plate to take the cake / muffin / pie yourself. It’ll be served to you.

—> Note #3: It’s not really a place for large group of people. Maximum you’d wanna have there is probably 8.

Address:  #03-02, Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road
Telephone:  6235 3900
Photos by Johnathan Yeo.


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