Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe.

Forget about trying to spell the name of this, fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines restaurant properly – I’d suggest you spend more on the (especially low) price and food (well, mainly appetizers). Read on to find out!

Honey Drumlets :: $7.70 nett

Honey Drumlets ($3.90 nett for 4 pieces / $7.70 nett for 8 pieces) :: Our first appetizer of the day (well, we decided to go appetizers first because we were waiting for our friends who were late – it turned out to be a blessing in disguise!) – honey drumlets. Just gotta say that, it’s so good that we ordered even more when the latecomers arrived. So, trust me on this.

Seafood Chowder Soup :: $3.40 nett

Seafood Chowder Soup ($3.40 nett) :: Given the price, it, is, worth it. What’s more, it’s actually above average-tasting. Not a must if you are saving space for some other things.

Oven Baked Garlic Escargots :: $5.80 nett

Oven Baked Garlic Escargots ($5.80 nett for 6 pieces) :: Oh, this is a must. At least for me. The chewy-ness, the garlic flavor, the smell of it being baked. Ohhh, orgasmic! I mean, just look at the picture, we couldn’t resist the temptation and started eating even before pictures were taken. It’s 6 pieces here. Worth it, worth it. Next time I go there, I’ll order the whole 6 pieces for, myself :P (well also because it’s so affordable).

Double Cheese Pizza :: $5.80 nett

Double Cheese Pizza ($5.80 nett) :: It actually looks good, on the menu itself and when it’s served to us too. But none of us actually likes it. I might be a little picky when it comes to cheese-related food, because I just can’t get enough of cheese. But this, isn’t even a little cheesy. It’s very disappointing, it’s as if they only put the yellow coloring on the pizza. Oh wells. This is the start of the disappointment on the main courses.

Cheese Chicken Fillet :: $6.90 nett

Cheese Chicken Fillet ($6.90 nett) :: Again, very appealing, very appetizing, but it’s only very decent tasting. If given a choice, I’d choose this over the pizza though. At least it’s, meat, chicken.

Panna Cotta :: $3.90 nett

Panna Cotta ($3.90 nett) :: And so we gave up on the main courses. Really, we each ordered a main, plus some for sharing. And none of them made the mark. So we moved on to desserts, which looks REALLY good. And I must say, it sure is better than the main courses. First up, panna cotta. Not really my kind of thing, it seems to be a little too sticky than usual, and tastes a little too sweet.

Truffle Chocolate Ice Cream :: $4.80 nett

Truffle Chocolate Ice Cream ($4.80 nett) :: So hands down, legs down, get the truffle chocolate if you’re ready for some AWESOME dessert. It is well worth the price. I’ve never seen this anywhere else, so, it’s definitely worth squeezing down your throat to your stomach after your meal.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a place to have lunch / dinner, go to Saizeriya Ristorante for JUST appetizers, then head out to some other place for your main courses. Trust me it’s worth the hassle.

I’ve managed to get hold of the menu – I know I would want to know what they offer before I head down to an outlet. And last I checked, I couldn’t find the menu for Saizeriya anywhere, so here – just for you.

Note: All prices stated are nett.
Note: ✰ depicts tested and proven awesomeness.

Chef Salad [$3.90]
Grilled Pork Salad [$5.80]
Smoked Salmon Salad [$5.80]
Shrimp Cocktail Salad [$4.90]
Tuna & Mushroom Salad [$5.80]

Minestrone Soup [$2.40]
Seafood Chowder [$3.40]
Special Mushroom Soup [$2.40]

Original [$1.90]
Garlic Bread [$2.20]
Garlic Butter [$2.20]

Grill Potato [$1.90]
Lamb Steak [$5.80]
Smoked Salmon [$3.90]
Spinach Oven Grill [$4.90]
Escargots Oven Grill [$5.80] ✰
Sauteed Spinach & Bacon [$3.90] ✰
Black Pepper Smoked Duck [$4.90] ✰
Italian Style Scallop Oven Grill [$6.20] ✰
Chicken Wings [$3.90 for 4 pieces / $7.70 for 8 pieces] ✰
Chicken Sausages [$4.90 for 4 pieces / $9.60 for 8 pieces]
Home-made Spicy Sausage Oven Grill [$4.90 for 4 pieces / $9.60 for 8 pieces]

Seafood Spaghetti [$7.40]
Squid Ink Spaghetti [$5.80]
Spaghetti Carbonara [$5.80]
Asari Clams Spaghetti [$7.40]
Peperoncino Spaghetti [$3.90]
Salmon Cream Spaghetti [$7.40]
Bacon & Tomato Spaghetti [$5.80]
Tuna Arrabbiata Spaghetti [$5.80]
Mushroom Cream Spaghetti [$7.40]
Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese [$3.90]
Peperoncino Bacon Spaghetti [$5.80]
Mushroom & Chicken Meat Sauce Spaghetti [$5.80]

Chicken Doria [$5.80]
Seafood Grain [$6.80]
Doria with Shrimps [$5.80]
Chicken Meat Gratin [$4.40]
Doria with Chicken Meat Sauce [$4.40]

Beef Pizza [$7.80]
Salmon Pizza [$7.80]
Spicy Sausage Pizza [$7.80]
Double Cheese Pizza [$5.80]
Pineapple & Bacon Pizza [$7.40]

Mix Seafood Risotto [$7.40]
Mushroom & Bacon Risotto [$5.80]

Grilled Pork [$6.40]
Pork & Hamburger Steak [$8.90]
Cheese Hamburger Steak [$7.40]
Mushroom Hamburger Steak [$6.40]

Rib Eye Steak [$11.90]
Cheese Chicken Fillet [$6.90]
Vegetable Chicken Fillet [$6.90]

Tiramisu [$4.90]
Coffee Jelly [$3.90]
Panna Cotta [$3.90]
Chocolate Cake [$4.90]
Truffle Ice Cream [$4.80] ✰
Oreo Cheese Cake [$4.90]
Cassata Ice-Cream [$4.80]

—> Note #1: Generally, the prices for the appetizers are around $4 (nett) or so, and main courses at $5 – $7 (nett).

—> Note #2: You can get free flow of drinks from the drinks bar at $2.80 (nett). If you’re on a budget, just get one and share.

—> Note #3: Iced & warm water is by the side – self-service.

—> Note #4: Payment is at the counter, so you have to grab your receipt to the counter on your way out.

Address (In Context): 177 River Valley Road, #02-22, Liang Court Shopping Centre
Telephone: 6337 9001
Photos by Chester Liew.


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