(Closed) Jewels Artisan Chocolate.

Yes, one would already start to drool upon coming into contact with either its pictures (on the internet / menu) or its store display itself. Or at least I did. Located right beside the (main entrance) escalator of Orchard Central on Level 2, Jewels Artisan Chocolate is, well, quite a jewel I must say. If you’re up for some indulgence on orgasmic desserts, I think this place will not disappoint.

Macarons :: $2.00+

Macarons ($2.00+) :: Just look at that. It is inevitable that I have become even more a Macaron-lover. I savored the delectable ‘Simply Dark‘ (basically with Dark Chocolate), the ‘Black Palm Island Salt‘ (with salted egg – yeah interesting xD and almond cream) and ‘Brun‘ (hazelnut’s). If you only wish to spend on one, I’d say, go for the former, hands down. Every bite makes you fly (and for your information, that makes it even more powerful than Red Bull), every bit of dark chocolate that melts in your mouth makes you die a little inside. Okay, I should stop here, maybe a little too exaggerating. Hah.

Dark Lava Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream :: $10.80++

Dark Lava Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream ($10.80++) :: For this warm, volcanic lava chocolate cake, we had it with Gianduja Hazelnut Ice Cream (well you can pick any from the 4 choices). It comes with some berry / plum sauce & vanilla essence thingymabob (the 2 spoons behind). I thought the latter went pretty well with the cake. What we did was, had a bite at the authentic, pure organic cake first, and then poured in the sauces. This won the award of the ‘Best Dessert of the Day’ – we agreed in unison. I mean, just look at the chocolate oozing out from the sliced up cake. Oohhh.

Chocolate Mousse in Verrine :: $10.80++

Chocolate Mousse in Verrine ($10.80++) :: Before anything – look at that adorable mini macaron that topped the dessert! Sandwiched in between it are some crunchy chocolate pearls. I stole it and put it into my mouth. I mean macarons, it’s worth committing a small crime. The mousse (that looks like ice cream) tastes surprisingly good. It may be a little tasteless at first, but as you go on, it’s actually there. There’re some small toppings here and there – chocolates cubes, that aforementioned plum / berry sauce at the bottom, and some crunchy chocolate pearls. Overall it’s pretty enjoyable too, but just, share it with your friends. You’d be too overwhelmed if you even try to finish the whole verrine.

Chocolate Gateau with Ice Cream :: $10.80++

Chocolate Gateau with Ice Cream ($10.80++) :: It is just, an art piece (and hence Jewels ARTisan Chocolate, I guess). There is this contradicting feeling of ‘I can’t bring myself to destroy the artwork’ + ‘I need to dig in now’ when it was first served. Unfortunately, this particular dessert dish didn’t live up to the standard of its peers. The cake was on the hard and dry side. So I’d suggest, if you want to, have it with the ice cream to make it taste better. We had 66% Alpaco Dark Chocolate Ice Cream to accompany the cake. That, together with the (I think it is) caramelized cookie, is, ooolala. Salty, sweet, just pure awesomeness and fulfillment. But yes, if you have a choice, give this a miss, it won’t hurt.

I have no qualms about going back there anytime soon.

—> Note #1: It is not that suitable a place for big groups. Tables are separated into tables of 3 in general (of course, you can combine the tables and chairs to make up the numbers if needed), and it’s quite a small 40-odd-diners cafe.

—> Note #2: They have a DBS / POSB Debit / Credit Card Promotion on right now (I’m not sure when it’ll end) for iPhone & Blackberry Bold Series. It’s $10++ instead of the usual $18.80++ for the Chocolate Fondue. So, bring along what is necessary for it if you’re looking to have that.

—> Note #3: Service is very good last time I checked. If you need any help at all (maybe some recommendations), approach the friendly staff.

Address: Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road #02-31/32
Telephone: 6509 8998
Photos by self.

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