La Nonna.

A few of my decade-old friends and I went to Holland Village just the other day to hang out and have dinner, and decided on La Nonna after wandering and loitering the area for a little while. For me, it’s always hard to make a decision at Holland Village, what with the side by side by side bar cum restaurants down the street – we’re basically spoiled for choices. Having read up a tad’ bit about the restaurants at Holland V., and La Nonna being one of the few that caught my eyes, we settled for it.

La Nonna @ Holland Village.

The picture may not look as ambience-filled as it actually is, but if you ever intend to give this a try, ask for seats upstairs, level 2. To sidetrack a little here, when we went to the restroom (which was at level 2) at the end of our meal, we were like all pleasantly surprised at the very nice presentation and ambience of the dining area. Pity, it was booked that day we went there, so we weren’t given a seat upstairs even though we asked.

Complimentary basket of welcome bread.

It’s always satisfying to have bread / nachos in many Mexican restaurants served before our main courses, because more often than not, we’re all starving while waiting. So we dug in immediately, and I must say, this dry but soft and tasty bread is, ‘like a nice only’. Hah.

Olive oil; Soy sauce.

We chose to have a pizza each after looking at the (long) list of thin-crust pizzas they have. They all have catchy, (Spanish I guess?) names for the pizzas.

Nera Pizza :: $19.00++

The ever so peculiar and unique type of pizza / pasta – Squid Ink Pizza. It’s topped with a few of my favorite seafood – prawns, scallop and calamari. Needless to say, I fell in love with it.

Caprino Pizza :: $19.00++

Cold cuts’ definitely my cup of tea, and so this pizza, topped with pancetta ham, caught my attention, on top of the very interesting goat cheese being part of it. It sounds exotic enough to whet my appetite. With the mozzarella cheese, it’s enough of cheese to satisfy my high cheese intake. The rockets on it makes it easier to finish up the whole 12″ pizza.

Cocodde Pizza :: $19.00++

Food being food – it is subjective. I’m not really a mushroom person (not unless it’s sauteed mushroom in English breakfasts), so this pizza, topped with shitake mushrooms and chicken sausages, isn’t to my likings. If you’re even just a tiny mushroom hater, don’t, try this.

La Nonna 'Signature Pizza' :: $19.00++

This cheesy pizza (literally and metaphorically) is surely topped with some weird stuff – asparagus, half boiled egg and black truffle. Not the safest choice you can get, but the half-boiled egg makes the whole pizza tastes interesting and fresh (if you’re daring enough). Fortunately there isn’t much of the asparagus taste, or I’d have condemned this (not much of a vegetable fan as you can see).

Overall, the pizzas are up to standard, and worth it even though it’s $19 before taxes per pizza. It’s, for sure, filling. Plus, if you’re having the level 2 air-conditioned seats, that price paid is value for money for the ambience too. Service here is undoubtedly good – they’re friendly and will, once in a while, crack a joke or two with you. Now that’s the spirit! If you want to have a place to chill and feel at home, try La Nonna.

—> Note #1: It might look like they do not serve Iced Water what with only a wine glass on the table, but they do. Go ahead and ask for it.

—> Note #2: They have a few daily special dishes written on the board on the inside, and on the glass beside the door on the outside that you can take a look at.

—> Note #3: Like aforementioned, go for the level 2 air-conditioned seats! If you’re up for ambience that is.

Address (Outlet in context): 26 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village
Telephone: 6468 1982
Photos by self.


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