Onaka Cafe & Juice Bar @ Rochester Park.

Just a short entry on Onaka (Rochester). This cafe is a well-hidden treasure of good, genuine organic juices in specific. Their concept is basically, organic food, which may not sound as appealing as fried chicken and fries, but once in a while, these green and healthy food can be refreshing, just like how I felt after this meal here. Looking in from the out, Onaka looks like some high end private housing, surrounded by trees and grass patches. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Singapore (be aware though, request for the indoor seating if you don’t want to ‘feed the mosquitoes’).

Service was warm and welcoming, on top of the frequent trips to the cafe by Caucasians staying just around the corner. It gives you a different vibe (like many other cafes along the Singapore River @ Robertson Quay). It’s a relatively smaller & cozier cafe – it can house up to around 30 – 40 diners at any one point.
Presenting to you first, the organic juices (some of them are originals – concocted by a good friend of mine who’s part of the management there). My friends and I had a go at it, and genuinely think that it’s the best juices we’ve ever tasted. What’s more, its colors are so flamboyant and vibrant it satisfies your sight on top of your taste.

Organic Juices.

Go ahead and ask for recommendations (they have quite a wide range of organic juices, with interesting names attached to each!). They have specific juices for, for example, ladies having their time of the month, anyone who wishes to cut down on their intake, detox, etc. Have fun with it while making your order (:

Moving on to the main courses, we tried some organic pizzas and sandwiches. It sure tastes different, but it’s really not too bad, for me.

Organic pizza.

I had the one with chicken (the only one with meat), just because I can’t really survive with only vegetables and no meat. I thought it tasted better than expected, so it was good.

Organic sandwich.

Same goes to the sandwich. In generally, my opinion is, like aforementioned, the food isn’t as bad as one thinks and generalizes. Plus, you will feel healthy and detox-ed after the meal. So, the health-conscious population nowadays, you may want to drop by this place to have fun and be worry-free about your calories and the likes when dining. Most importantly – the juices!

—> NOTE #1: Well, if you’re going, you can drop me a message and I’ll just in turn, drop my friend a message. Maybe we can have the originator make some juices for you.

—> NOTE #2: Prices of the main courses are generally around $10 – $13, while juices are about $5 – $6.

—> NOTE #3: They are closed on Sundays, and on other days, do go on the common lunch times, because if I didn’t remember wrongly, their kitchen closes, sometime after 2/3PM? They still have juices and stuff, but not the main courses.

Address: 44 Rochester Park
Telephone: 6778 0246
Pictures outsourced and by self.


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