Raindrops Cafe.

Tucked in a corner of *Scape at Somerset, Raindrops Cafe is, quite a cafe. Small, indoors and outdoors offered, surrounded by some greens. To make it easier – don’t by the road, etc.; Go into Cineleisure, exit from the Old Town White Coffee entrance/exit, walk a little into *Scape and you should be able to see the cafe. Seating capacity of the cafe is about 30 – 40, so as aforementioned, small. Service gotten upon reaching was average. The waitperson is approachable, but not to the extend of joking and interacting with us (even though we were expressively open and chatty). But that’s fine. What’s not too good though, was its cleanliness. Maybe, maybe it was due to the Christmas parties and craziness the previous night (we went there on Boxing Day – they opened a little later than usual because they were cleaning up the mess). Area was a little wet (just a little here and there), there were a couple of ants on the serviette / table top. And also, some residues on the iced water. Basically, dirty water, dirty cup. The whole top didn’t look too sparkly for a cafe / restaurant’s standard.

Menu’s pretty limited too. You can expect to choose from about 5 main course, 5 pastas, and 5 pizzas. That’s about it. Range’s about $16 for pasta and pizza, and $20 for the main courses. For me, I decided to give the Kurobuta Pork Rack (in apple sauce) a try – it seems like one that’s going to satisfy me the most amongst all choices.

Kurobuta Pork Rack :: $24.00++

Kurobuta Pork Rack ($24.00++) :: First look, I wasn’t impressed by its portion, considering its price tag attached. But as I went on slicing and putting it into my mouth, it turned out pretty satisfactory. I really like the way it was cooked, nicely done, looks-dry-but-juicy, succulent, and basically, perfect-o. The only thing I keep contemplating within is the value for money. I can’t decide if it’s worth the money I paid.

Chicken Leg Lemongrass with Pumpkin Risotto :: $16.00++

Chicken Leg Lemongrass with Pumpkin Risotto ($16.00++) :: And my friend had a go at the Chicken Leg Lemongrass with Pumpkin Risotto. I had a bite, and immediately condemned it (for myself). Usually I wouldn’t even expect the lemongrass to be tapped, but in this case, the opposite happened. The taste of lemongrass was too overwhelming – I’m a fan of a pinch of it, but not it as a ‘sauce’ / ‘gravy’ over the chicken. So, this course really depends on your liking of lemongrass.

Meltique Beef :: $25.00++

Meltique Beef ($25.00++) :: I don’t know much about beef, but it was soothing to my mouth. It was done medium rare (just like how I’d do it myself), and I thought it was more than decent.

Fish N Chip :: $14.00++

Fish N Chip ($14.00++) :: The most common, the most boring (some says), but also arguably the safest choice of food in a restaurant. Fish & Chips just can’t go, too wrong. Well not unless the restaurant fails too much, lol. If you want to give Raindrops Cafe a try, just for the sake of it, maybe you can order this whilst here, and have your friends order some other dishes for you to try. It’s one of the nicer food here.

After what I deemed as a disappointing trip, I decided to give it one last chance to redeem itself, through desserts. I tried what was on the blackboard, under the ‘Chef’s Specials’ – Poached Pear with Ice Cream.

Poached Pear with Ice Cream :: $9.00++

Poached Pear with Ice Cream ($9.00++) :: The pear, poached with Cabernet Sauvignon, tasted, weird. My friend and I agreed that it tasted like plum. Maybe it’s how it’s supposed to be, but no, it totally, isn’t what we’d expected. Main course, meh. Dessert, meh. Meh.

—> NOTE #1: Lunch’s from 1100 – 1430; High Tea’s from 1500 – 1730; Dinner’s from 1800 – 0100.

Address: 2 Orchard Link, *SCAPE, #02-38
Telephone: 6834 4977


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