Ippudo Singapore.

Interior of Ippudo Singapore.

Located on Level 4 of Mandarin Gallery, you need not know the exact address of Ippudo, Singapore – you just need to know that it’s the only restaurant with a queue snaking out from the entrance of the restaurant. I was pleasantly greeted by its interior design upon reaching the outside of it. It’s cleverly built – its pieces of mirror on the wall makes the restaurant looks spacious and comfortable. The color scheme of reds and blacks suits me just well. Thus I felt really at home, all ready to sit, eat and let my hair down, under the dimly-lit area. Anyhow, in actual fact, the restaurant can only house about 50? So, be prepared to wait if you haven’t got any reservations made (I really have no idea what their reservation policy is – when I called, they say the minimum pax is 6. And then I’ve read somewhere that says they don’t take reservations, and another source says they only take reservations of at least 3 pax. I’m guessing it depends on the season).

Ippudo Singapore @ Mandarin Gallery.

Yes, before you start asking, the spotlight on Ippudo is for its ramen. Basically, you’ll be all so lost and spoilt for choices when you open the menu. There’s such a wide range of ramen, there ought to be one that is your cup of tea (or bowl of ramen). After a bit of reading up, I personally went for Akamaru Chashu.

Akamaru Chashu :: $18.00 ++

To me, it is rocking. But let me warn you how it tastes and feels like – it tastes salty (sometimes maybe a little too salty), it feels like MSG is all over the bowl, and I can’t stop eating (it’s too addictive). But the overall feeling I get from it, is, joyous and satisfying. So I don’t care what makes up of it. I had my ramen of medium hardness (and I’d suggest that for you, or even soft, because medium is already quite solid). The portion of meat given is generous (although it’s not as much as when compared to Baikohken). But really, it’s enough, and I’d choose Ippudo over Baikohken any day, for its ambience, service and choice of food. My friends had Akamaru Tamago (with just egg) at $17.00 ++ and Akamaru Kakuni at $19.50 ++. They taste generally the same, it’s only the sides that sets them apart.

And then we were off to ordering side dishes and desserts (like there’s no tomorrow).

Gyoza :: $6.00 ++

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Gyoza. So to me, this is just another Gyoza dish.

Hotplate Chashu :: $7.00 ++

Even though there were only 4 – 5 pieces of the lip-smacking chashu, it was well worth it. Look at it! I almost left it alone, because it looks so good and appealing, that by looking at it makes me full already. If you’re a fan of the triple layer meat, have a go at this, take bites bit by bit, the heavenly feeling will last longer.

Rare Cheese Cake :: $7.00 ++

When the dessert was served up to our table, I was SO amazed by its presentation. It’s some fine-dining standard. Considering the cheese cake to be rare (literally.. just kiddin’!), and the effort taken to have this dish up, 7bucks is well paying for it. Although so, I do believe this cheese cake isn’t for everyone. It tastes more towards the salty kind of cheese cake – it’s not like any other new york cheese cakes you find and eat regularly. If you’re adventurous and would like to try some new taste of cheese cake, try this. I wouldn’t say it’s spectacular, neither do I think it’s negative.

Gateau Chocolat :: $7.00 ++

Some cream. Some cake. Some dessert. I wouldn’t encourage ordering this. It’s pretty ordinary.

To be honest, from the following day on (after all the Ippudo-ians have settled down in my stomach), I’ve been craving for another Ippudo trip. Soaking in the reds and blacks, the brilliant design and decor of the restaurant is enough. The reasonably priced desserts and ramen just tops it off well. It’s the perfect spot for those who just knock off from a long day of hard work.

—> NOTE #1: Try calling and making a reservation. Who knows, you might get it (and save all the hassle).

Address: 333A Orchard Road, #04-02/03/04, Mandarin Gallery
Telephone: 6235 2797
Photos by self.


4 thoughts on “Ippudo Singapore.

  1. lol. Ippudo totally > Baikohken :P Alrighty, I will. Just looked at some reviews, pictures and stuff, I’m craving for ramen now, damn. lol.

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