Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ.

Since about a month ago, I’ve been dying to give this buffet a try – after hearing raving reviews from coughsomeonecough. So POP has finally arrived (yay me!) and finally got down to this. Jang Shou Korean BBQ Buffet.

It is at Katong Village, quite inaccessible, unless you are driving (because of course, then any place would be accessible). The hype and expectation was high. And to be honest, I was impressed by the variety of the meat/meat parts at the first sight. I, for one, am a meat-parts person. Intestines, pork tongue and all that jazz, I dig them. So I was a jumping inside when I see abundance of them laid out at the buffet line. First round, I took two plates of meat (parts).

Pork; Tioman Fish; Mushroom; Squid.

The pork is of standard, and most would agree that it’s the tastiest meat amongst the array of meat dishes offered. I can’t remember its name, but I think it’s called Marinated Pork with Honey? Or something. It’s rolled up, and when you spread it out, it looks like the one above. I especially love the Tioman fish. Fish meat’s always a pleasure to the mouth when it’s not overdone. Mushroom has the very raw mushroom taste, like those you have in English breakfasts, which I kind of adore. The squids can get a little tasteless at times, but it’s alright.

Appetizing shot of the squid and intestines.

Don’t expect any desserts (ice cream/cakes) or free flow of drinks like you’d be able to get in Seoul Garden buffet, because they don’t have those service. Well, unless you take kimchi or radish as dessert, lol. They do have salads though, and fruits, and beef tendon soup (that tastes worse than plain water, oops).

The reason why I rate this 1 star (✰) is due to a various reasons.
It’s not that there’re any problems with the quality of the meat, but like how I described it to people who’ve asked – it’s like eating roti prata made by a Chinese – it’s the same thing but just doesn’t taste the same? It’s familiar yet foreign-tasting. It’s weird like that for me, so I was half enjoying it, half wondering what the heck else was added into it. lol.
Next – like I said, I was initially satisfied with the range of meat available. Everything was okay until a while into the moment, after stuffing down all the different meat/meat parts, everything started tasting the same. There was basically no more distinction and differentiation between those slabs of meat. So, very soon after, I got bored.

But one good thing is their service, and the utensils. Every ten minutes or so, service crew would stop by tables to clean up your BBQ grill (unlike in Seoul Garden, where your grill gets choked up with burnt chunks). You can ask for extra tongs too, which makes things so much easier and more convenient, and there’s also a pair of ginormous scissors on the table, excellent for dividing those pieces of meat.

Plates and plates of meat and lettuce.

Food and service aside, the ambience isn’t the best. And it gets stuffy and smoky after being in the enclosed area for a while. Thank goodness they opened the window during the later part. So that tells you the air-condition isn’t the strongest either (they have fans though, don’t worry).

On a side note, I didn’t regret going there anyway (although I probably wouldn’t be back there any time soon), despite being super tired after the 24km route march and passing out parade. It was an experience, the company was great, had some damn good laughs.

—> NOTE #1: Monday – Thursday costs you $28.80++, while Friday – Sunday costs $33.80++.

—> NOTE #2: Make a reservation before you go. Despite its location and price, it is still quite packed, at least on that Saturday night that I was there.

—> NOTE #3: Make your payment directly at the counter after you’re done.

—> NOTE #4: It opens from 1800 – 0000.

Address (Outlet in context): 86 East Coast Road, #02-11/20, Block B Katong Village
Telephone: 6344 8880
Photos by Yee Meng.


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