Riders Café.

A happy occasion should, without fail, be accompanied by good food, and dearest people. Happy occasion – passing out from BMT – check; Dearest people – my family – check; Good food – we took a gamble at Riders Cafe – check.

Here we are, at the non-air-conditioned Riders Cafe.

It was a spot-on day to get to Riders Cafe. Like how people like to visit countries during autumn, I’d think most would prefer visiting this kind of non-air-conditioned cafe on a windy, just-before-it-rains kind of day. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it does. We were, fortunately, assigned a balcony seat. There, not only can you feel the waves of breeze better, you can see black, brown, white horses taking a stroll around the area just diagonally below you. I felt like I was teleported to a countryside in a far far away country where no men live. It was calming with the ambience and setting, not to mention, I love how horses look so cute even with their build.

So adorable!

To compliment the soothing environment you’d have gotten upon stepping into the cafe, the service crew was really approachable and hospitable. It somehow makes you fit in more (I say that because, most of the people dining there are either rich asses, at least they look like they are, or they live around that area and are frequents). Now let’s shift the spotlight to the main point – food.

Bacon & Tomato (With Poached Eggs On Sourdough) :: $14.00++

Bacon & Tomato (With Poached Eggs On Sourdough) :: I didn’t try this – my dad did. He said that the eggs are pretty good. But from what I see, it isn’t worth the money. There are only, well, bacon, tomato, sourdough and eggs. lol. Bacon’s overly crispy, and you can only taste the butter somewhere in the middle of the sourdough. The sides are hard.

‘The Usual’ :: $16.00++

‘The Usual’ :: This set of breakfast includes, well, the usual. lol. Crispy/Smoked bacon, poached/fried/scrambled egg, banger (sausage), basil tomato, mushroom, and sourdough. Basically, more or less the good ol’ English breakfast. The scrambled egg, for me, is better than most that I’ve tried, although it really isn’t very good, even. The bacon, once again, disappoints. Nothing, so far, matches up to that of Sydney, Australia’s well-cooked streaks of bacon. Over here, it is way too crispy/hard, and, eeky. The banger was pretty average. The only item that is excellent is the basil tomato. It’s the best I’ve had. Mushroom is a little below average (if you’re the kind who goes for the raw taste and smell of mushroom, then this might fail you a little). With that, you can infer that it’s, once more, not value for money.

Hot Chocolate :: $3.50++

Hot Chocolate :: When I saw that it only costs the above stated price, I ordered it without a second thought. lol. And the relatively lower-priced hot chocolate doesn’t mean that the standard is compromised. Because that didn’t happen. It actually tastes fine, topped with small cubes of marshmallows. Definitely acceptable.

Chamomile Flowers Tea :: $5.50++

My mum got herself the Chamomile Flowers Tea. I tried it, and I must say it smells and tastes really refreshing. It’s pleasant-smelling. But I really don’t know about tea. Its presentation is really good. Just showing the picture. lol.

The horses. The countryside setting (oh – a couple was having their wedding photos taken while we were there). It’s a really different experience – worth trying just once. Bring a book along too, maybe, if you have the time.

—> NOTE #1: If you are not driving there, don’t try going in with public transport (except cabs). I don’t remember seeing any bus stops nearby – plus, you’d have to walk quite a distance deep into Fairways Drive.

—> NOTE #2: Make a reservation before you go! We almost had to wait a long time for our table. You can maybe request for balcony seating too (if you’d like to see horse trotting around while you’re enjoying your meal).

—> NOTE #3: Payment is made at your table – you don’t have to go to the counter for that, even though the cafe looks like they utilize the self-service payment-at-the-counter system.

Address: 51 Fairways Drive
Telephone: 6466 9819


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